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The company was established by Don Luis Iriondo of Vitoria in 1948 and produced, initially, bicycles. In the early 1950s they began building Terrot mopeds and motorcycles under licence using the name Terrot S.A.E.. At the end of the decade the French company was absorbed by Peugeot and the source of components dried up. In response, Don Luis renamed the company Torrot and a new marque was born. Manufacture ceased in 1991.

The company name was re-established as Torrot Electric in 2012, and among their first new machines was a range of juniors, the Kids 10 in trials, supermotard and enduro versions. 2014 saw the introduction of a folding ebike, and in 2015 an electric scooter, the Muvi, was introduced. During this period there were numerous changes in company structure, and in 2016 the firm acquired Gas Gas.

An arrangement with other companies brought about the establishment of Scutum, building a new range of electric motorcycles and scooters under the Silence marque.

Torrot Models include:
Torrot Grand Cross 1976 49cc
Torrot Panther 1974 49cc
TorroT City moped c1978
TorroT Maxi 50
Torrot Turismo 49cc Vitoria
Torrot Mustang 1970s (Sachs)

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mattjordan416 at gmail.com
Torrot 74
I am having s hell of time finding tires to replace the original ones from Spain. I'm in Canada. They are eighteen by two and a quarter. Any ideas or help would be great

Tue, 02 Jan 2018
adartin2003 at gmail.com
Torrot turismo 1974 banana seat.

I had a 49.3 cc motor on it and it was used and had foot pegs which was neat. it weighed 180lbs which was a surprise. Starter leaver and kill switch but that was broken. So used the only starter to do that. I was wondering if they still sell them? Mine had a speedometer that went to 60 mph or about 100 kmh. My question is I would like to get one and how much? Today would it cost. Thank you.
Paul Saunders
North Bay Canada

Sun Mar 30 2014
marklister59 at yaho.com
parts manual
torrot turismo

looking for a repair manual for a turismo specifically engine 49cc

Thu Jul 02 2009
Torrot Turismo Turismo
Do you know of anyone who can supply Engine Friction Shoes for the above.

Thank you for your reply re: Terrot. Spain from 1960 produced mopeds called Torrot which was originally Terrot in Digeon France from 1901 - 1960. The model I have is a 1973 Torrot Turismo 49cc Vitoria engine. What I need is the friction shoes for the engine and both sides change covers.

I appreciate your help in this.

Several interesting images here:

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