Maxim Motorcycles

Maxim Cycle Manufacturing Co of Cheylesmore, Coventry

  • Maxim were motorcycles produced from 1912 to 1913 and again from 1920 to 1922.
  • 1912 Listed in Spennell's directory of Coventry as Cycle Manufacturers.
  • One model was listed late in 1912. It was fitted with a 3½ hp TDC engine, a three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox and belt drive. The machine was short-lived as it failed to make an impact.
  • After World War I, the name made a brief return when lightweight two-stroke models were constructed, using bought-in parts. The engines were the 318cc Dalm and JES, magnetos from EIC and Runbaken, carburettors from Amac and the two-speed gearboxes from Albion.
  • As they were so similar to the many other makes of the era, Maxim was one of a number that failed to survive.

Source: Graces Guide

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