Frays Motorcycles

Produced from 1910 to 1911 at 66 Bishop Street, Birmingham.

Two models were listed late in 1910. Typical of the period, they were fitted with a 2½ or 3½ h.p. single-cylinder JAP engine, Amac carburettor, direct-belt drive, Bates tyres and sprung forks. The make was very short-lived.

William Dawson Chitty raced several different motorcycles at Brooklands including a 270cc Givaudan and Frays-JAP 350 and 500cc machines.

Sources: Graces Guide,

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March 2022

Graham Clayton writes in Comments, "The Priest-JAP was also built at the same address as the Frays - 66 Bishop Street, Birmingham."

See Priest-JAP