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Maxim Motorcycles

Maxim Cycle Manufacturing Co of Cheylesmore, Coventry

Maxim were motorcycles produced from 1912 to 1913 and again from 1920 to 1922.

1912 Listed in Spennell's directory of Coventry as Cycle Manufacturers.

One model was listed late in 1912. It was fitted with a 3½ hp TDC engine, a three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox and belt drive. The machine was short-lived as it failed to make an impact.

After World War I, the name made a brief return when lightweight two-stroke models were constructed, using bought-in parts. The engines were the 318cc Dalm and JES, magnetos from EIC and Runbaken, carburettors from Amac and the two-speed gearboxes from Albion.

As they were so similar to the many other makes of the era, Maxim was one of a number that failed to survive.

Advertisements appeared in The Motor Cycle in 1920 through 1922 for Maxim-J.A.P., Maxim-Dalm 3 h.p two-stroke, and a 2 h.p. two-stroke J.E.S. Maxim machine. The address given was 224, Pentonville Rd., London, N.l.

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor Cycle.

N.B. Unrelated to the Maxim automobile built in the years 1902 to 1905 in London by Hiram Stevens Maxim, an American who moved to England. Enormously talented, he was the inventor of the Maxim machine gun and an incandescent light bulb, and was knighted for his services to the realm.

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