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H. J. Talbot

Talbot-London Logo

Talbot Moped, Trojan engine

"The Talbot glides along with all the majesty of a 4½ litre Bentley." Cycling, April 2nd, 1958.

Talbot mopeds were built by a bicycle dealer named H. J. Talbot of Norwood, London.

He used a 49cc Mini-Motor engine, hung under the open frame ahead of the pedals to drive a counter-shaft with clutch by V-belt with chain to the rear wheel. It was also fitted with pedalling gear with a two-speed Derailleur, Webb girder forks, stirrup brake at the front and drum brake at the rear.

The transmission system was soon revised and the Derailleur gear and counter-shaft was replaced with two-speed Albion gearbox. To give the machine some style, the belt and chains were concealed by shields.

Production was limited and would have stopped when the engine supply dried up.

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N.B. There are three different Talbot marques, based in London, Wolverhampton and Paris. See Disambiguation

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