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1936 Models at the Olympia Show

Brough Superior 1935

A maximum speed of 100 m.p.h. solo and 85 m.p.h. with sidecar is guaranteed with the new S.S.100. The engine has hairpin-type valve springs.

STAND 83 : Standard 990 c.c. o.h.v. model with a 100 m.p.h., guarantee : A Range of Luxury Machines : Record-Breaker on View


GUARANTEED to be capable of lapping Brooklands at 100 m.p.h, solo, and 85 m.p.h. with a sidecar, the S.S.100 Brough Superior is proving a great attraction.

This powerful big-twin has an overhead valve engine of 990 c.c. capacity, Hairpin valve springs are used and the carburettor has twin mixing chambers, Castle-type forks are standard equipment, and a spring frame can be fitted to this and to all other Brough models

"S.S.80 Special" Model—990 c.c. twin-cyl. side-valve Brough Superior; dry-sump lubrication; magneto ignition; all-chain drive; oil bath primary chain case; 4-speed gear, with foot control; fuel, 4 gals.; 26x3.5 (front), 26x4in. (rear) tyres.
Price with electric lighting (solo), £90.

Reintroduced this year, the S.S.80 Special has a 990 c.c. side-valve twin engine with totally enclosed valve gear. Normal type forks are fitted, but in other respects the specification is similar to that of the S.S.100. A lower-run chain guard, twin tool bags and rear-wheel-driven speedometer are included in the equipment of this luxurious model.

Clean handlebars are fitted to all Brough machines, and to attain this end the air lever is mounted on the near-side rear saddle stay. The finish is black and chromium and the mudguards are of distinctive design.

Very little alteration has been made to the “11.50 Special,” which is shown with a sidecar. This 1,100 c.c. side-valve twin has dual mixing chambers, as on the S.S.100. The four-speed gear box common to all models is fitted, but on this particular model a hand gear change is used. Refinements include enclosed h.t. leads and a 4-inch section rear tyre.

Eric Fernihough's Brooklands lap-record breaking machine forms a fitting centrepiece to a stand of luxurious motor cycles.

The 1935 Olympia Show reported in The Motor Cycle, December 5th, 1935.

N.B. SS100 specifications omitted due technical issues.