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Brough Superior Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

George Brough learned the trade from his father who produced Brough motorcycles, and went on to build and race machines which were the finest (and most expensive) machines of the day. Most famous of BS owners was Lawrence of Arabia who owned seven and rode them like there was no tomorrow - until there was.

Brough Superior used engines by JAP and Matchless, among others, and also produced some quite remarkable designs of their own.

The rights to the BS name in several countries (but not the US) were advertised for auction in May 2007.

roger.newton3 a t
Brough Superior
Hi, interesting article. Not a strictly motorcycle question, but approx 16 miles away from the site of the Borough works, on Clipstone Road West, Forest Town, Mansfield is a public house called Whitegates Hotel. The pub sign carries a picture of some white gates behind a Brough Superior, reg FTV 332 & rider. Opposite the pub is a very minor road called Clipstone Drive, which extends for approx a 1 mile straight. I have been told that this was used as their test track. Hopefully you can supply a definitive answer to the puzzle. If this was not used for testing before selling, is there another reason for this unusual pub sign? Thank you in anticipation, best regards, Roger.
roger newton
clipstone village

  • "After World War 1, Clipstone Drive also became a venue for motorcycle speed trials and George Brough, the designer and manufacturer of the Brough Superior at Haydn Rd. who owned and raced his own bike, nicknamed 'Old Bill', is known to have taken part in the speed trials on Clipstone Drive."

    "After the war it became a venue for motorcycle speed trials. At one event in 1923, George Brough, a prominent designer, manufacturer, and racer was riding his famous SS100 in the standing start half mile. He was doing 110 m.p.h when the front tyre burst, George crossed the line in a cloud of dust and stones a few lengths behind the bike. In May 1924, in front of a crowd of 12 to 15 thousand, world famous riders raced. The highlight of the day was the 111.1 m.p.h achieved by Bert Le Vack, 8 miles faster than the previous timed record for a British road. Brough Machines continued to be tested at Clipstone..."

Tue Feb 28 2017
richard at<
Brough Superior 1939 SS100
I am researching bikes from the 1930's that my grandfather made whilst working for George Brough in Nottingham during the 1930's. Do you have any frame number details for FAU836 so that I confirm that he made this bike from his diary records ?

Recommend contacting one of the BS specialist clubs for that.

Sun Jul 17 2016
JAP JTOR shop drawings


I love your site and all the great info you publish. I have started a Brough Superior SS100 replica. I am beginning with the engine. Because I can not find an original JAP JTOR, and can not afford a Cameron's reproduction, I must machine one myself. Do you have, or do you know of a source for, shop drawings for a JAP JTOR?

Matt, Oregon

Sun Jun 26 2016
mbmurphy at
ETV 951
Brough Superior SS100
I have attached a pdf of a photo of BS SS100 ETV 951 taken in 1950. The rider, who is now 92 and living in NZ, says that he built the bike out of spare parts at the factory after WW2 while working for George Brough making RR Merlin camshafts. Brough ordered that Matchless engine for him. He says that he also finished an incomplete 3-wheeler. If this is the case, both machines are likely to be the last of their type ever built.
New Zealand

Sat Jun 29 2013
For sale rare 1936 Brough Superior SS80. From our private collection of British vintage motorcycles in U.K. In both showroom condition and excellent working order.
The previous owner had extensive restoration by specialists. History and invoices, documents etc. supplied with Brough. For full information including photos please email me.
Rob Cook

Registration no. CYR 489
Frame no. M8/1658
Engine no. BS/X 4640


The Brough provides an example that is in showroom condition and excellent mechanical condition. If I can help you further please let me know.

Current vendor purchased machine in 1999 from previous owner who had owned it since 1974 and been responsible for its restoration (notes in file). Also purchase receipt. Under previous ownership machine appeared at the Brough’s Club annual rally (photos in file). Old style continuation log book (1974), sundry invoices, Brough Superior Club range brochure and instruction book. Three old MOTS and Swansea V5 document.

Mon Mar 05 2012
darrallcross15<at>msn dot com
approx value
brough ss80
garage find bough ss80 1938 any ideas of approx value

Wed Apr 21 2010
deneon.ellis<at>gmail dot com
Brough Superior ss100
please may i have a more detailed logo of the SS100
SA KZN Scottburgh

  • Sorry, I don't have one of those at present. Try the Brough Superior Club.

Mon Dec 14 2009
rafaelalmeida98 at at hotmail dot com
brough for sell
brough superior 11/ 50
Hi there
I am from portugal, and i am looking for a brough SS 100 .

Did you know anything bout this or a link where i can see any one for sell ?
Many thanks fior your time

Kings regards from Portugal

I didnt have any picture
I just want to buye one motorcycle like this , but i havent any picture .
If inside your clube, you know any one for sell, please let me know.
By the way, can you please inform me about a range prices for a brough SS-80, or 11/50 , in a complete good order ??
I know that this days one complete Brough SS-100, must be up than 100.000,0€ !!!
Thanks for your time with me .
Regards from Portugal
Rafael Almeida

Thu Jan 10 2008
infoat at
bike research
Brough Superior SS 100
I am looking for a 1935 Brough Superior SS 100. Can you help me?

Fri Oct 05 2007
henry.cohenat at fcenergy dot com
I need a Brough!

I would like to purchase an SS100. Any suggestions how to even get started?

Thanks Everyone
Toronto, Canada

  • Haunt the auctions, for a start. Try the bikelinks auction directory:

Sept 2nd 2007
ronaldhullat at btinternet dot com
Images of Ronald Hull's remarkable Mk1 below. He is looking for a set or just parts of 1920/24 Brampton/Druid or Montgomery leaf spring forks.

Mon Aug 13 2007
brufsupat at aol dot com
Brough Superior SS100's
Hello, I was lucky enough to buy a bare 1932 original SS100 sprung frame in Aus (Australia, most likely. Ed) four years ago. I'm still looking for parts to try to complete it. Anyone got any bits ? I have some swaps. Nick.

6th May 2007
subject: Brough Superior
orralby2at at
message: i met a man named george around about 1957 in kilburn london nw6 he had a brough superior covered up fitted with a sidecar.he was in his seventys then.i can still rember how big it was.

Mon Mar 26 2007
rlproductions at at
Brough Superior documentary

Hi, check out my website and documentary on Broughs.
Perhaps a nice link on your site? (404)
Attached are some photographs, My Brough is in bits at the moment, installing a new camshaft and valves.
LR 7 is yours truly with 1924 SS80, TEL's third Brough.
LR631 is a close up of a 1938 SS100
The photo's are stills from the documentary.

subject: brough superior 750 spring frame
Email: supagrind at at
message: Hi know a guy who owns this bike believed to be the only one of its type in the world . Have you any knowledge on this bike .

Sat Aug 26 2006
navilumitus at at
Owning a Brough

Over the last few years i have become more and more interested in older motorcycles and i would give my right arm to own one of these.

Its not everyday you see your name on a machine like this.

Thank you for letting me comment,


Fri Aug 18 2006
minnes-w at at
Brough Superior
1938 1150
I have been offered a 1938 1150 sprung hub in good original unrestored condition (not ex police) and am curious as to your impression of the value?

Mon Jul 24 2006
tim at strategicbrokers
Brough Superior
Are you aware of anyone in australia that has a Brough or is looking to sell

Fri Jun 16 2006
agasbarr at at
Brough Superior
What would be the price range for a SS100 Brough Superior in good condition, and how available are they.

  • Very few of these come up for sale. Further resources for vintage motocycle prices here.

October 2005
Hi again,
I used to own three. Two 1150's and one SS-80 with a Matchless motor. I sold all three to Ray "Sonny" McDonnell in California, the last about 15 years ago. One of the 1150's was Albert Wallis' first Brough, and he had welded gussets to reinforce the forks.
Frank Smith (Zenith owner)

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