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Coventry Victor 1921 Flat Twin


Coventry Victor 1921 500 Miles

All the characteristics of a successful sports model are embodied in this '500 miles' Coventry Victor.


Coventry Victor 1921 5-6hp

For a solo or sidecar machine the short wheelbase 5-6 h.p. model is equally suited.

"500 Miles" Coventry Victor Marketed.

Replica of Successful Brooklands Mount, a Dual Purpose Touring Model and a Sidecar Machine.

BEFORE winning the 750 c.c. class in the 500 Miles Race at Brooklands, the 5-7 h.p. Coventry Victor had a useful reputation as a reliable and smooth-running double-purpose mount. Now that it has proved also to have a very useful turn of speed, it should meet with much success amongst the more sporting section of the fraternity as well as amongst the tourists who simply admire the absence of vibration characteristic of the flat twin.

For next year, what is to all intents and purposes a replica of the successful racing machine will be marketed as a standard sports model. Reasonable mud-guarding and a cover for the primary chain are the chief deviations from the specification of the track machine; and, as this model is of the short wheelbase type (described in The Motor Cycle of July 2nd , it strikes one as a most attractive solo mount.

The short wheelbase touring model has more ample mudguardnig, footboards instead of footrests, neat new pattern silencing arrangements, and 28 x 3in. tyres. This machine sells at £115; and the price of the sports model, although not yet definitely fixed, will also be in the same neighbourhood.

Items common to both models are Sturmey-Archer gear box, Brampton forks and spring link chain, Amac carburetter, dummy belt rim front brake, and the new M-L lightweight magneto.

A Cox-Atmos carburetter with an original induction system is optional to those who prefer the single lever control. This instrument has been found to give excellent results on the flat twin engine. A model with the longer wheelbase (the gear box being behind the rear cylinder instead of underneath) is retained as a purely sidecar mount.

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