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A Brief History of the Marque

A report on the Motor Cycle Show of November 1924 reads, in part:

"Three examples of this well-known make of motor cycle are on view on this stand. There is the 3 1/2 h.p. O.H.V. flat twin, which, perhaps, will be the most interesting, as it is an entirely new model. It is shown as a sporting solo machine and stripped for fast solo work and racing. The super-six is also shown in four different forms ; as a solo fully stripped for sports work, and as regards the others, two are equipped with super-sports sidecars.

The other model is the super touring model, and this is shown as a solo machine with dynamo lighting equipment, and as a colonial model with 28 in. by 3 in. extra heavy wheels, greater ground clearance, heavier forks and frame, together with touring sidecar, suitable for the heaviest conditions of motor cycling.

The Coventry Victor Motor Company, Coventry.

Motor Sport Magazine, November 1924

Coventry-Victor engines were fitted various other machines including:

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Fri Jul 31 2009
sepeda at
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Coventry Victor? 1000cc
Saw this bike recently. Owner says its a Coventry Victor 1000cc. I canot find any info of Coventry Victor greater then 700cc.

  • There are at least two major components on the bike which are not original - the rear wheel, which looks to be from a 1970s Japanese bike; and the headlight.

  • Thank you very much for the help. Yes the headlights was from a police Honda 500. The owner has asked me to find images of the original so he can bring the bike up to specs.

      Coventry-Victor custom Malaysia image posted to Comments.

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