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The Motor Cycle Overseas Annual and Buyers Guide (1925)

The DIAMOND MOTOR CYCLE was first introduced in 1910 by a firm who for nearly twenty years had been prominently associated with the cycle trade. The first production was a 23/4 h.p. Power Plant Unit which was regarded by the Motor Cycling Press throughout the world as not only a very fine example of engineering, but as one of the most ingcnious constructions on the market.

Notwithstanding the fact that this machine clearly demonstrated its wonderful efficiency and reliability, and was in many ways undoubtedly a remarkable advance on the type of engines then sold to the public - the makers, like the pioneers of most good things, did not reap the benefit to which they were entitled.

Consequently they turned their attention to the more orthodox type of Motor Cycle in the construction of which they have achieved considerable success. Having carefully selected the leading makes of proprietary engines - whose quality and efficiency are beyond question - they paid great attention to FRAME DESIGN, GEAR RATIOS, GENERAL DETAIL WORK, and FINISH.

Numbered amongst the first firms to adopt such world-renowned products as the JAP FOUR STROKE and VILLIERS TWO STROKE engines they have, over a long period of years, gained much invaluable experience. This is embodied in the DIAMOND MOTOR CYCLE of to-day - which is indeed a striking example of those excellent results which INGENUITY, ENTERPRISE and BRITISH LABOUR can produce,




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'Grams DIAMOND, wolverhampton

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