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Diamond Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

The first Diamond motorcycles were built in 1908 by D. F. & M. Engineering Company, initially powered by Belgian FN single cylinder and V-twin engines, Their first J.A.P. machine appeared in 1912, and by 1915 they had moved to a new factory in Wolverhampton.

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fmppster at gmail.com
My father used to describe riding on his 98cc Diamond motor cycle from Wolverhampton, where he worked to Cornwall, where he courted my mother. It had a segmented leather belt drive, no clutch, no gears and was bump staryed, taking advantage of a decompression control. Gas generator in headlamp with rubber pipe to rear light. Can anyone identify the model and its age. A picture would be wonderful.
Thank you for any help available.
Frank Pearce
Malaga, Spain Diamond were producing belt-drive machines as late as 1925, but all those recorded here are much larger than 98cc.
stu.henke at hotmail.com
1927 Diamond sports model
To whom it may concern,
I am looking for either the drawing for the chain guard and the leather saddle bags for the above mentioned Diamond.
Or a copy of the workshop manual for the above mentioned Diamond model.
Stuart Henke
Western Australia

Tue Aug 19 2008
direzione at goldmaxgioielli.it
I would like to have information on a house producing moto: diamond. And if possible I would like to have information on a motorcycle of 1915:
diamond mod. c.

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