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The BFG project was started in 1978 by Louis Boccardo, Favario Dominique and Thierry Grange, and the marque takes its name from their initials. In 1985 MBK acquired the project and produced the final 150 units.

Engines were horizontally opposed four cylinder 1299cc units sourced from the Citroën GS, type G13/646. They had a single Solex carburettor and produced some 70hp and massive torque of 100 Nm at 3250rpm, with a top speed of 190 kph.

The plastic fuel tank is located below the seat and contains 27 litres allowing a range of 400km.

The machine has SPF 6-spoke light-alloy wheels with discs and calipers by Brembo, forks by Paioli and rear suspension by Carbon or Koni.

Weight: 265 kg wet.

Total production: 650 units

A BFG 650 was planned which would use engine from Citroën's Visa.

François Mitterrand presented one to Spanish king Juan Carlos in 1982.

Boccardo went on to design several more Citroen-powered machines including the MF and another with an AX diesel engine.

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