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Riva-Sport Industries RSI

A Brief History of the Marque

Mopeds, Scooters and Motorcycles Manufactured:
14-18, rue de Madrid
Vichy (Allier)

Stéphanois Louis Rivière established the bicycle company in 1944 and as part of the promotion sponsored professional riders from 1946 to 1949. In 1950, they constructed a new factory in Vichy where they built bicycles, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles.

In March 1955 a Sulky Sporting powered by an AMC Mustang achieved five world records at Montlhéry. The same year, the company formed a partnership with Favor. In Spain, Riva models including the Isard were built by Rieju

Models include:

  • Type 265 65cc SER two-stroke engine
    1955-57 200 GS 200cc Villiers, swing arm rear suspension.
    1955-57 200 N 200cc Villiers. (1)
    1955-57 125 N 125cc Villiers, plunger rear suspension.
    1955-57 125 GL4 125cc Villiers. Larger front brake but otherwise same appearance and specification as 125N.
    1954-57 Sulky 56 98cc A.M.C. Mustang 2T engine.
    1955-57 Sulky 56 Sporting 98cc, rear suspension.
    1955-57 Sulky SK3 Duo 125cc A.M.C. Isard, dual seat, two-tone paintwork.
    R.S.I. Motobloc Type 492 luxe moped
    R.S.I. Motobloc Type 493 Président moped

Manufactured by La Société Centrale de Constructions Mécaniques (S.C.C.M.), 14-18, rue de Madrid, Vichy (Allier). Showrooms at 134, Avenue de Malakoff, Paris XVI.

Displayed at the Salon de Paris 1949, there were two models, the Standard and Luxe, powered by a 38cc Riva engine.

Sources:, François-Marie Dumas,, Moped SE.

1. Unverified model

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