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A Brief History of the Marque
Société Centrale de Construction Mécaniques
14,16,18 rue de Madrid
Vichy (allier)

Established around 19481, motorcycle production began in 1952 with 44cc cyclomoteurs in several similar models including Kid-Master, Master, Standard and Populaire.

The Motobloc company name changed to Riva Sport Industries around 1955, the machines being marketed under that brand thereafter. In the UK 1956 models appeared under the name RSI-Motobloc.

In 1951-52 they sold the Swiss AMI 98cc scooter as the Ami Motobloc. The Sulky scooter was introduced in 1953 under the Motobloc marque and was further developed with RSI.

The site displays images of the RSI Motobloc mopeds without further comment, and a book by Jean-Luc Fournier on Motobloc autos shows the 1950s scooter prominently.

Models include:

1952 Standard 44cc 2T
1952 BM 125 125cm3 Aubier-Dunne
1953 M 100
1953 BM 125
1953 M2S Aubier-Dunne 125 cc
1953 M2L
1953 M2GL
1953 M4L
1953 M4GL AMC 125 cc
1953 M175
1953 M475
1953 M200
1954 M2S
1954 M2L
1954 M4GL AMC 125 cc
1954 M2GL
1954 M4L 125cm3 AMC
1954 M4GL
1954 M475 AMC 175 cc (RSI)
1954 M200
1955 M2S
1955 M2L
1955 M2GL
1955 M2GL
1955 M4L
1955 M4GL
1955 M475
1955 M200
1955 S65 65cm3

Motobloc Engine Types include:

Type B, 38cc
Type H, 44cc 38x38mm
Type 50, 49.9 cc
Type 244, 44cc

Motobloc of Bordeaux 1902 to 1931. Famous French automobile manufacturer, with no apparent relationship to the later Vichy firm.

1. has the following entry: Motobloc Engines 1955 to 1965 Inst. Manual for motorized cycles with Motobloc engine type 50 & gurtner C12 carburetter.
2. Motobloc automobiles, established by Charles Schaudel, were produced from 1902 to 1930. There appears to be no relationship.

Sources: Cycle Memory, Amis Terriens, et al.

Sun Apr 17 2016
info at
Year of manufacture
Motobloc 125 m 2s
Hi, I have recently purchased this motorcycle. Any info regarding its age would be greatly appreciated. Also is this the correct engine for the frame, the front engine plates do not seem to be correct. Thank you.
  • The engine mounts certainly look dodgy and I cannot imagine any manufacturer using such a configuration.
    This page shows a Peugeot 125 which appears to be very similar to the machine in question.
    This is a later model:
    Le superbe 125cc MOTOBLOC de Patrick

Thank you for your prompt reply, it was very much appreciated.
I can only assume that many of these French bikes shared the same parts through different manufacturers as the cycle parts on my bike are identical to the ones used on the Peugeot bikes, such as the rear light, rack and mud guards etc.
Do you know of a data base or an owners club / organisation that would be able to help me date it so I can register it in the UK.
Many thanks again,

Try UK_Classic_Clubs

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