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Hobart Motorcycles 1903-1904

Hobart Bird and Co.

are showing three Hobart motor cycles fitted with their standard 2¾ h.p. engines, and one fitted with a larger engine, viz., 3¼ h.p. They have somewhat altered the frame design for the coming season, although it still maintains the distinctive features originally introduced. The Hobart Tricar is also now shown for the first time.

The Motor Cycle, November 18th 1903, p795
Stanley Show 1903

The Hobart Motor Bicycle.

As reported in our anticipatory issue, Messrs. Hobart Bird and Co., although having made several additional improvements to their 1904 types, have not materially altered the design, and continue to fit 2¾ and 3 h.p. engines in both vertical and inclined positions. The principal novelty on the machines consists of an emergency handle-bar control, the movement of one lever performing the operations of breaking the electric circuit, lifting the exhaust valve and applying an ordinary brake to the back wheel. The Hobart Tri-car is fitted with a 3½ h.p. engine, and is belt driven in the usual manner. The frame has side tubes, which come right back to the rear wheel axle, and a convenient rubber covered footrest is provided for the driver's feet. Non-slipping foot plates are also fitted nearer to the rear axle for mounting the machine after it has been started. The front wheels of these machines are fitted with band brakes operated by Bowden wire. The springing and design of the forecarriage seat are very handsome and particularly neat. (Stand 98.)

The Motor Cycle, November 25th 1903
Stanley Show 1903

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