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Hobart Motorcycles for 1911

Olympia Show Report, 1910

Hobart Bird and Co., Ltd.

Coventry. Stand No. 37.
Hobart Bird and Co. have done very well with the Handy Hobart during this season and have quite an extensive assortment of motor-cycles for next year. One of these is the Hobart lady's bicycle, which is constructed with a drop frame, and a carefully shielded belt drive. Indeed, engine and all working parts are all carefully enclosed, and there is no chance whatever of the rider's skirts becoming entangled upon any projection. Amongst the improvements to be noticed upon the 1911 machines is the Hobart heel brake, acting upon the belt rim, and operated by the rider's heel depressing a conveniently placed pedal. The petrol tank has also been slightly altered in design and is provided with a neat petrol gauge. It should be noted that any of the models can be obtained, if desired, with two-speed gear and free engine, the charge for this alteration being quite moderate.

The Hobart has quite established its position in the motor-cycling world, and will no doubt do excellently in 1911. The company will be glad to hear from agents where not represented.

Olympia Show, November 1910