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Horex began in 1923 in Bad Homburg, from whence the name derived - Ho (Homburg) Rex (King) - utilising the products of the Columbus engine manufacturer. The firm went through numerous changes until being absorbed by Daimler-Benz in 1960, and motorcycle production ceased. The brand was revived in 2010 and a 1200cc narrow-angle V6 was announced for delivery in the European market for 2011.

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toclayro at gmail.com
Horex 350 Regina 1953
I have a 1953 Horex 350 Regina engine for sale. It does not turn over but is pretty much complete. If anyone is interested please email me.
Ontario, Canada
  • Horex-Regina-Engine image posted to Comments.

pdtiburin at yahoo.gr
Horex victoria 1938
Hello can you recognise this motorcycle .the engine is horex the frame probably is victoria
  • Horex-1938-Victoria image posted to Comments.

Sat, 13 Jan 2018
simity at comcast.net
Horex Regina 1953

Hello, I am in the process of restoring a Horex, I have two bikes one is complete the other is a parts bike. I am in need of a shop manual in English. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Smitty Jeffrey
Minnesota USA

  • Have parts book and manual for Regina, but in German only. Try the link in the post below.

Sun Jul 09 2017
patrick.j.slattery at btinternet.com
Horex Restoration Project
Horex Imperator
I am starting a restoration project on a Horex imperator and would welcome any links to where I can find information - my immediate need is for technical information/manuals

Sat Mar 26 2016
ebs299 at hotmail.com
Edgar Bernal
Horex Regina 350 cc 1951
hola, necesito saber si puedo conseguir el manual de reparacion y repuestos varios para esta motocicleta
Caracas Venezuela

Mon Mar 23 2015
marcelofigueroarivera at gmail.com
manual Horex resident
manual de reparaciones en pdf Resident
Necesito El Manual de la modo modelo Resident

Thu Jul 25 2013
Buen día, soy Fabián de Misiones,Argentina.Tengo una HOREX -REGINA 350 c.c., quisiera saber el año de fabricación, no tengo el manual ni otros datos para identificarla, solo el número de motor y chasis: JFA3GV- E1M56151R, con esos datos usted podría darme datos, saludos ,gracias.

Thu Apr 18 2013
horex engine
Hello, I have tried to register, but haven't heard back. I have a Horex engine I am trying to identify. I believe it to be a 300c OHC. The only pictures I have found was a race bike at the Hockenheim ring. Any help would be appreciated. See Pictures. Art McCormack
massachusetts, USA

Sat Jan 26 2013
New project
Horex 1953
I need help for a new project, I don't know anything about this engine, and parts, model, etc., so If anybody help me with how much it cost restoration and if can I find missing parts,

Thanks and regards from Colombia
Bucaramanga, Colombia

Mon Sep 17 2012
Horex Regina Parts
Horex Regina
I'm searching for horex regina parts, if you've got anything, please contact me!
Thanks, ricardo
Berlin, Germany

Wed Jul 18 2012
elmapito<at>hotmail dot com
horex horex
is horex/ is motorcycle in mexico

Mon July 2nd 2012
Horex Triumph Tillbrook images posted in the gallery

Sun Jun 17 2012
tomhoward222<at> yahoo.com

horex road bike
I had a horex road type motor cycle in 1965, All I remember is that it was loaud and very powerful , dual exhaust.It was hard to hang on to the handle grips as you took off .We really enjoyed it until my older brother got tired of it and ran it off our dock into the canal behind our house . It sets there to this day! We did not know what it really was ,value wise . I should ressurect it !Its in Cocoa beach ,Fla !

Mon Mar 14 2011
Sélecteur de vitesse
Horex Regina, Imperator
Certaines Horex ont le sélecteur de vitesse à droite d'autres à gauche?

Mon Mar 14 2011
HOREX Resident Models
HOREX Resident
Hello to the rest of the HOREX world. I have a Resident in not too good of condition. Restauration to its Original would be too expensive. Who owns a Resident Cafe Racer or Enduro/Six Days? PLease send me pictures and if possible sources for the parts used. Appreciate any responses. So long

Fri Nov 26 2010
HOREX 1958 IMPERATOR Road Racer 452 cc
MY name Tony Nicosia Ph. # 813 933 3043 call any day Thank you.
Tampa , FLA.

Thu Dec 30 2010
Horex Reggina 1952 from Uruguay
My name is Alejadnro and I would like to show to you my Horex Reggina.
Hope you like it and can post it on the web.
Horex-1952-Regina-1.jpg posted 1012

Tue Dec 01 2009
sbidart at eastlink.ca
Horex Regina1955
looking for the mufflers and a few cosmetic parts
nova scotia canada

I had a 1953 Horex Enduro, the one used in the Motorcycle Magazine road test. I bought it at Milne Brothers motorcycle shop near Pasadena, Ca., & whoever adjusted the timing on that bike did it a great injustice. They had it advanced so far so that the road test only showed a max speed of 72 MPH, & at that speed it would start smoking. I readjusted it & obtained a top speed of 92 MPH.

It was a single cylinder Y port dual exhaust 400 cc Enduro, & was listed by the magazine as a "German masterpiece." They never became popular in the USA, & I believe it was because of the low top speed listed.

I'm also sending you a photo of a 1954 BSA Flash. The boy on the Horex is my son, who is now 54 years old.

The boy across the street from us owned the BSA, & took it all apart to have it chromed. When he found out the cost of chroming it he changed his mind. I had the Horex for 4 years & wanted a twin cylinder bike so we traded bikes. We carried the BSA to my house in boxes, & he rode away on the Horex. :o)

The road test people also said it popped out of gear on the road test. I had the bike 4 years & it never popped out of gear, once you put it in gear. Being a German bike it seemed to have very close tolerances, & it took many miles to loosen up the engine & the transmission. It was a masterpiece, & the last I heard of it was that it ended up on Catalina Island in the Isle of Man races.

Regards. Victor

Sun Aug 30 2009
luigiruigi at gmail dot com
moto horex
reparaciones 1959
repuestos y accesorios

Wed Jul 22 2009
blume4537 at online.de

Horex Imperator
Hallo, Sie haben auf Ihrer Seite von Horex Motorrädern eine von mir bei Ebay eingestellte Bleistiftzeichnung überneommen. Sie haben somit das Copyright verletzt. Ich muss höflich aber bestimmt auffordern, diese Zeichnung, gemeint ist das erste Bild auf Ihrer Präsentation sofort zu entfernen. Ansonsten sehe ich mich gezwungen rechtlich gegen Sie vorzugehen, oder Sie sind bereit für diese Zeichnung zu bezahlen.
Heiner Blume

Tue May 19 2009
info at horexhome.de
Horex Regina

i have created a page about Horex Regina restauration an information in german and english language. URL: www.horex.horexhome.de


Tue Nov 18 2008
elkindario22-84 at hotmail dot com
Averiguar Repuestos
Horex 1954
Deseo saber si es posible conseguir repuestos para una motocileta de esa marca y modelo y en especial la cadenilla de los tiempos

Sat Aug 30 2008
franciscoleivah at hotmail dot com
horex (engine sachs) rebell 1959
horex 1959 sachs 100cc two strokes transmition three
Traiguen ; Chile

Fri Apr 11 2008
eddyroldan40 at yahoo.com
I live in Miami, FL but I own a HOREX REGINA 400. I have it in Guatemala, C.A. I want to restore it and I need to know if there is a place in the U.S. where I can get parts for it. Or if there's a place to take it for restoration. I know there's some websites for Horex but they're all in German. If any help, it would be really appreciate it.

Eddy Roldan

Fri Mar 28 2008
nckoefoed at hotmail dot com
Horex Regina 400
My dad owned a Horex late 50'ties model. I still have the (some of) the tools. Is anybody interested in buying or swapping for tools or NOS spares for a 69 Triumph Bonneville.

Mon Jan 28 2008
tcashmer at msn dot com
? 1936-38 Horex
Hello, I have come across a 1936-38 I assume Horex. I was wonder if you had any idea if it had any value and if there were any people around the USA that restore these? Below is a generic picture I found on the net that is the same bike I now have. Also if you just have any info on what the bike may be year, cc, any info would be great. Thanks
California USA

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Sat Aug 04 2007
lukanoskiognen at gmail dot com
horex regina 350
i bought this bike but it neads some engine rapairs, and i don't like to start without a manuel!!!! is there any on english!!please help!

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Fri Jan 04 2008
franzboehlmann at web.de
Horex 400
Ich würde gerne wissen ob die Horex 400 aus Argentien zu kaufen ist.
Wenn ja , was kostet das Motorrad.

Sat Jun 16 2007
masergo59 at hotmail.com
Vendo moto original para restaurar.

More motorcycles from this vendor here...

Mon Apr 30 2007
theheatmeister at earthlink.net
Serial Numbers on Regina
I got a Horex Regina with the numbers ( JFA 36V ) Stamped into the Frame but there is no Tin (Aluminium) Lable on it. Is this Number the Serial Number or the Part Number.Danke schoen fuer Hilfe.Richard.
Here are the pix of the bike/ Serial # the bike is in need of compl. Remodel, It was sitting in a barn for appox 20 to 30 years and sold in a estate sell, there is no title ,I have a bill of sell, the # on the Frame steering head is JFA 1 CV. or JFA 1 6V. or JFA GV. Thanks again for helping me to solve this. Richard.

Fri Apr 20 2007
kabeureug at yahoo dot com
I am from Indonesia , need to join horex club at Germani can be?
Bandung, Indonesia

Fri Mar 30 2007
sand280se at yahoo dot com
horex motorcycle 1956
I have a 1956 Horex Motorcycle. I will get information from the previous owner who is ill. My husband owned this bike for some time and never restored it and was recently killed on his Boss Hoss 650 HP motorcycle. Therefore I have many items to sell. Is there a Club or judges in Horex Motorcycle Shows or gurus on the subject who can assist me?
philaadelphia, Penna., USA

Sat Feb 03 2007
rockindmotors at earthlink.net
horex tuneup
52 regina
can anybody enlighten me about tuneup specs and fillcapacities and grades of oil?thanks dirk

Sun Dec 17 2006
lucky461 at adelphia.net
I think it's a horex?

if anyone can help please let me know.Thanks

Are there any numbers on the chassis? What history of the machine do you have? no numbers that I can find only the horex sign on the girder and I have no history on the bike.

Thanks Mike

Mon Nov 20 2006
s.gutmann at gmx.de
Horex T5 and S6 wanted
Horex T5 and S6 wanted, any model and condition, also fragments, parts.
Please send your offer and pictures to s.gutmann at gmx.de

Best regards
S. Gutmann
Stuttgart, Germany

Thu Nov 09 2006
zehelmer at sapo.pt
Spare parts
Horex Resident 350 1956
Looking for piston and gaskets: please help ;-)

Tue Aug 08 2006
casimiro.correia at sapo.pt
Piston rod
I need to bye the piston rod for an old 1953 Horex Princess motorcycle 350 cc engine that I would like to refurbish.
Can you please help me to find who have such part?
Lisbon, Portugal

Is it the piston or the connecting rod you require? Ed. What I really need is the connecting rod. The Princess Model is the one commercialized in Portugal many years ago. May be it is known in Germany as Regina or Imperator. I don't have now any photos and the motorcycle is dismantled. It has a 350 cc engine but the connecting rod is missing. Thank you for your help and interest on finding this part that I must buy.
Casimiro Correia

Mon Jun 19 2006
G3 at cuttingedge.net
Missing Horex motor!
1959 Horex Resident 349cc
I need a motor for my Horex Resident. The tag on the frame indicates the Frame # as 08 4913 and motor # as 08 4921.
The entire motor and exhaust system are missing. I think a previous owner who has since died, may have junked this cycle in Sparta, Wisconsin. The rest of the cycle parts are in very good condition. I would like to preserve this part of German motorcycle history! Please help me find a motor and any related manuals/literature (English if possible)
My phone # is 715 334 2315. I will call you back at my expense. Thank you, George G. Grauwels
Fairchild, Wisconsin

Wed Apr 12 2006
atusus at adinet.com.uy
Regina 2 de 1953
Hola, soy de Montevideo, Uruguay. Tengo una Horex en perfecto estado y la quiero compartir con ustedes.
Translation: Hello, I am of Montevideo, Uruguay. I have a Horex in perfect state and I want to share it with you.

Thu Nov 24 2005
LAE1027 at AOL.COM
in the early 60's i owned a '58cc' horex
as i grew older i began an oddesy in BSA's an TRIUMPH motorcycles.been to AMA DAYS and the AMCA-NAPOLEON + numerous WALNECK'S meets w/o seeing a horex---no let me say several years ago a EURO horex "on holiday was at napoleon.. got any pictures of a 1958 horex

thanx-red- LAE1027 at AOL.COM a.k.a.

Sat Jul 09 2005
hans.dewaal at 12move.nl
Horex Resident 350 cc 1 cyl, 1957
My name is Hans i'have an Horex Resident for restauration but I need some parts I can make many thing but I need an model. Please we have to sale for me Mudsguard front and rear and petrol tank.

Thanks for all if you can do for me


Fri Apr 15 2005
nathan at boxerworks dot com
1955 Horex 250 enduro
hello, i recently purchased a 55 250 horex enduro . It is supposed to be one of two enduros brought into the US in 1955 of this model. the other is supposed to be in a car/bike museum in San diago. i am in the process of researching this. The guy i got it from bought it in Chicago, in the crate. it has 75 miles on it. He tried for many years to get more info on this enduro. any one with any info,or suggestions on sources,please let me know. also, i got a 1953 zundap 750, with a steib sidecar, and am trying to determine which of the two 601 models it is,but do not know the differences between the EL and the std model. any help would be appreciated, thanx nathan at boxerworks.com

November 10, 2002
Hello, I have a Horex 1960 to 350cc to be repaired and I need a picture of the original model. I am trying to obtain information in very pages but nothing. Please if you can help me. I live in Chile, South America and here there are not many of this motorcycle. Thanks... -- Sergio Sepulveda Sims -- ssepulb at entelchile.net

November 9, 2002
In 1959 I owned a Horex Scrambler 350cc. At that time I was told that there had been three Horex M/C's imported in to the USA in the early 50's. There was two street bikes and one scrambler model imported. When I got mine it was in a basket with new rings, bearings ect. with it; every part, nut bolt and screw was tagged and labled. All parts were there except mufflers and I could not locate stock mufflers for it so I put BMW mufflers on it; it had up-swept pipes, one on each side. I never found a dealer that had parts available in the U.S.. The generator armature came apart and I could not find anyone who could rewind it, and I never found a replacement part. I sold the bike in late 1979 and later learned that the guy that had purchased it from me had sold it to a scrap yard for junk.

When I was stationed in Germany in 1962 I saw a lot of Horex M/C's being ridden by the people there. I was told that Zundap bought out Horex and that BMW bought out Zundap. I did see both single cylinder and horizontally opposed twin cyl models of both Horex and Zundap while I was in Germany, and at that time I could have gotten the parts that I had needed for the bike that I owned.

The Horex that I owned was a very well balanced bike and would run aprox. 75 mph top speed but would get there fast. I would suggest contacting the BMW Co. in Germany for possible information.

Ron York
886 VZCR 4410
Ben Wheeler, Tx. 75754
E-mail: cpdryork at vzinet dot com

July 15, 2002
I have a Horex Regina 400 , year 1954 and I don't have any information about the motorcycle : please send me some information about my Horex : My email snunolopes at aeiou.pt

April 12, 2002
I am looking for parts sources for my Horex Resident .Any help is appreciated. -- Thank you -- Wilhelm Zipperle -- horex2000 at worldnet.att.net

March 31, 2002
I have a beautifully restored Horex 1956 Resident 350 CC for sale. I also have many spares for the 350 and the 400 CC motorcycles. Please respond if any offers. -- lknowles at mweb.co.za

March 27, 2002
Looking for an expert in Horex Regina to tell me what is and is not right with the bike. Enclosed are pictures of the bike.
Thanks Dan King
Wilson, North Carolina, USA
dbking at coastalnet dot com

December 2, 2001
You can find infos, history and gallery about Horex models on my page that is in English language.

makismc.adr.dk/ (404)

Regards -- Makis -- makis at adr.dk

October 27, 2001
Hello, I need BUY PARTS FOR HOREX REGINA. Please send me info about dealers or similar in U.S.A.
Thanks Mario -- sxfly54 at hotmail dot com

September 23, 2001
I want to know where I can find parts of a Horex Regina 250cc Year 1952.
I'm looking a complete fuel tank, with keys,...
Prices in U.S. $
Thanks for your time
Stefan Jawnyj -- sjawnyj at yahoo dot com
Facultad de Ingenieria
Universidad Hispanoamericana

May 9, 2001
My name is Alexander and I live in Cacak - Serbia. I'm owner of Horex Regina 400 ad 350. I have a one problem and I please you to help me. In my technical datas I found thai in gear-box we put SAE 20 motor oil. My technical datas are not original and I please you to tell me what kind of oil to use. Tell me some adress for literature for Horex, and adress for parts in Germany and Austria.

Aleksandar Andjelkovic -- l.zg at EUnet.yu
Ul. Rade Azanjac 17/6
32000 Cacak

Have you found anything on the Horex? I am also wanting info and possible value... thanks tim -- TWeiss1529 at aol dot com

November 10, 2000
Hello , do you have any idea where I can find Horex parts ? I have a single cylinder dual exhaust horex. i know nothing about it , cc . ect. It looks like this one. All the numbers are in German. If you have any info please e-mail me. -- thanks Keith -- elledge88 at juno dot com

(Appears to be a Horex Imperator c1955 - see gallery)

May 10, 2000
Please let me have any info on the following:
air cooled horizontaly opposed motor -twin cylinder - wooden wheeled horex ?
FRITZ P. -- maytek at iafrica dot com

If you have a query about Horex motorcycles, or wish to share information or images of these classic machines, please contact us