Humber Motorcycles

Humber Motorcycles 1903

Humber Ltd.

This exhibit includes models of the Humber chain-driven motor cycles. Some of the bicycles are fitted with a free engine, clutch, and chain guard.

The forecarriage in one case is fitted with water-cooled engine arranged in the usual Humber position, the water tank and radiators being arranged behind the forecar seat. An exhibit, which attracts great attention, is a parcels delivery forecar constructed for the G.P.O. This is complete in Royal red, and is most imposing. In cases where the free engine clutch is provided, the engine can be started up with starting handle, as with a car—a great convenience in the case of a forecarriage. (Stand 154.)

The Motor Cycle, November 25th, 1903. Page 827
Stanley Show 1903

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