Humber Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Great Britain

1902-1930 English firm Humber built three-wheeled forecars and four-wheelers as well as the motorcycles which they manufactured from 1902 to 1930. Initially their machines were built under Phelon & Moore licence using a single cylinder P&M engine and two-speed chaindrive transmission, but later examples had their own engines of 496cc, 596cc and 746cc. These included sidevalve air-cooled and water-cooled flat-twins which were built up until about 1924, subsequent machines having only single-cylinder 347cc engines with either sidevalve, OHV or overhead cam configuration. Competition success included a win in the 1911 Junior TT.

The Grampian Transport Museum has a Beeston Humber. Beeston Humbers are discussed in Motor Cyclists on Tour, 1903

mikemacartney1946 at
1914 Humber Humberette 998cc V-twin water cooled cyclecar
I am presently restoring the above Humber cyclecar and trying to find out if the Eisemann 50 degree anti clockwise magneto was standard fitment to these cars. Unfortunately the magneto has been modified by fitting a modern electronic twin coil system for some strange reason. The late owners son said his father didn't like magnetos! The original parts he removed he must have thrown away as they are not with the car. Before I work on, or spend money on the mag, I would like to find out if this mag was standard fitment? Any help would be appreciated.
Mike Macartney
Norfolk, UK

    Humber-1914-Humbrette-MiM images posted to Comments.

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Could any of your readers please let me have information about the Humber works team of riders and/or about any aspect of the team. Thanks
Mervyn Brown
Beeston United Kingdom

Sun Jul 01 2012
Humber Olympia
The bicycle I have was my late Mothers,While I know the name of the bike there is no badge visible except the front lamp bracket in the shape of the leter R


Sun Jul 15 2012
Humber cylinder 350cc
UK 1914
Looking for cylinder 350cc from Humber and want to buy it, engine model 1914, look like on foto
all propositions send email
Ukraine, Kharkov
Humber 1914 350cc

Humber 350 cc 1923
by viking » 18 Jan 2011 03:49 pm
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Here are a couple of photos my Humber 350cc from year 1923. Bike is registered in
Helsinki,Finland 27.09.1923 (data found at National Archive in Helsinki.)

I startet to restore the bike last autum and work goes on fine.But I don't have a Amac float
chamber top with choke middle button to my carburator -thread diameter is 45mm.

I have two Amac float top witch are older-probably on years 1914...1919...One has about 49mm thread and other is about 42mm -they are extra part for me. See picture!That cap I need is for Amac early 20...

Back wheel brake system is missing,too. A rim I have,but those "mechanical things" are missing.
See picture-those levers are missing!

I have some extra parts for Humber and Radco-Jap 300cc 1927..1929

Can you help me?

t. Markku


Thu Mar 04 2010
Humber Engine nr. 914
I found this in the barn on my granddads farm. I wounder which year its made and how did this bike looks like

Wed Jul 15 2009
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humber motor bike
humber 1926
i have a humber motor bike 1926 i would like to know about the bike

Fri Mar 27 2009
arun.ksigh15 at gmail dot com
humber motorcycle 1904 model 3.5
I have an humber 1904, 3.5 hp motor. I require its fuel tank. please help.

Tue Feb 03 2009
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Humbert Cycles Pins
Hola tengo un Pins de Humbert Cycles muy antiguo, del lado trasero dice WO LEWIS XYZ BIRMINGHAM, de 2X3Cms de tamaño, es de broce, estos se entregaban con las motocicleta?, alguien tiene alguna data? Gracias
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fri Aug 22 2008
robert.silverwood at talk21 dot com
old Humber motorcycle
Humber ??
I wonder if you could help me identify the bike on the attached photo. I believe it is a Humber from the partially obscurred name on the tank. The lady riding it was the owner. She was my Great Aunt, Lisa Alldred. The sidecar passenger was my Grandmother Doris, Lisa's sister-in-law. I believe the photo was taken by my Grandfather Robert Silverwood in about 1918-1920.


Robert Silverwood
Oxfordshire, UK

Tue Jun 26 2007
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Humber Bikes
± 1911 200cc pedal bike
Would you be able to date my bike that I'm busy restoring. The engine number is 531.
Your help would be much appreciated
Johannesburg RSA

Sun Jan 07 2007
alasa6 at msn dot com
humber motorcycle
flat twin 600
do you have any details about the rear quick release axel and rear cog from this model, regards alex
dublin, ireland

Fri Dec 15 2006
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Adverts & Posters
Humber, cycles etc
Hi, my company is about to move into the ground floor of the old cycle works in Beeston. We are having the brickwork restored and we want to embrace the tradition and history around the new offices with photographs, posters of Humber machines. Can you help? Thanks, Alan Harvey

There is a company in the US who do some wonderful reproduction posters from that era, tho mostly they are of American bikes. Ed.

Sun Jun 11 2006
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motorcycles from Russia
Humber 1914
Here is Humber 1914 from the Moscow technical museum collection. Photo taken September 2001.
Sergey Riabsev

Fri May 19 2006
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Contact with owners
Humber 3 1/2 hp motorcycles


I'm keen to make contact with anyone who has a Humber motorcycle of around 1912 -1915 to find out the original colours. I have a 1914 model that was restored in 1952 but the colour is not original. Attached photo shows Humber with current colour scheme.

Ashley Blair
Pukerua Bay
New Zealand

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