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Humber Motorcycles 1921

Olympia Show 1920

Humber. (Stand 86.)

  • 4½ h.p.; 75x68 mm. (600 c.c.); flat twin- cylinder four-stroke; side-by-side valves; mechanical lubrication; Claudel carburetter; E.I.C. gear-driven magneto; three-speed countershaft gear: chain drive; 26x2 ½ tyres. Price £140.

Humber, Ltd., Coventry.

Whether it be as a solo touring machine, a sporting model with dropped handle-bars and footrests in lieu of footboards, or a side-car machine, the horizontally-opposed twin Humber is an attractive mount with a considerable reputation which has been lately enhanced by its fine performance in the Six Days Trial. Tractability and silence are, perhaps, its chief characteristics, and they are backed up by sound design and considerable experience of manufacture. Points of interest are found in the detachable valve ports and the shock absorbing device in the rear hub, all-chain drive being employed. Examples of the sporting model and the all-black finish solo model are shown, in addition to the standard mount, the price of all three solo machines being the same.

As a sidecar outfit the price is £173 12s. 6d., and the sidecar is both roomy and comfortable. A feature of considerable interest is the mechanical pump lubrication system, supplemented by a drip feed from the oil tank. The disposition of the engine and gear box in the frame is neatly and strongly carried out. The chain-drive is protected by a stout guard, but is not completely enclosed. The rear brake is remarkable for the size of the shoe and the ease of operation, while the kick-starter mechanism is encased in the main gear box casting and thus protected from mud and dust.

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