Guazzoni Motorcycles

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Guazzoni Motorcycles

Manufactured: 1935-1979 by Aldo Guazzoni

Founded in 1935 by Aldo Guazzoni (1908-1978), the Milano company built a 500cc machine powered by a Calthorpe engine. This was followed by lightweight motorcycles fitted with their own engines, and later they built three-wheelers. Subsequent to WWII Guazzoni was a Motori Morini dealer before returning to motorcycle manufacturing in 1950, building, among others, a 150cc machine for FBM.

Guazzoni continued building classy lightweight sports bikes throughout the 1960s and 1970s including production racers, mostly fitted with reversed cylinders allowing the exhaust to exit at rear. Manufacturing ceased in 1976.

Guazzoni Models

    1953 Grifo 150cc two-stroke.
    1955 200 single cylinder SOHC.
    1956 Sport 50cc FBM engine (aka Guazzoncino Sports Moped)
    1960 Dot Guazzoni
    1969 Matta 50
    1969 Mattacross 50
    1969 Special-Casa 98 e 125
    1969 Modernly 150 e 125

Guazzoni Engines

The Guazzoni rotary-valve two-stroke engine with reversed exhaust came in many guises, mostly 50cc

The production racer had a six-speed gearbox and could pull up to 15,000 revs.

Cadetti 60 engine size: 37.5 x 45mm

There were also 98cc, 125cc and 150cc engines. A 250cc Gran Turismo was advertised but may not have seen production.

Sources: Henshaw et al

Further information: classic50racingclub.co.uk

quentin.viginier at gmail dotcom
Informazioni su Guazzoni
Sono un giovane proprietario francese di Guazzoni Matta.
L'ho presa poco tempo fa e sto iniziando a saperne di più sulla marca e sul modello.
Il ciclomotore monta un motore Minarelli, mentre normalmente è un motore Guazzoni con valvola rotante, vero?
Grazie in anticipo per il vostro aiuto.
Mi scuso se la traduzione non è molto chiara, ho dovuto usare un sito web per la traduzione.
Cordiali saluti
Quentin Viginier
Tranlation: I am a young French owner of Guazzoni Matta.
I got it a little while ago and I'm starting to learn more about the make and model.
The moped has a Minarelli engine, while normally it is a Guazzoni engine with rotary valve, right?
Thanks in advance for your help.
I apologize if the translation is not very clear, I had to use a website for the translation.
    Yes, research suggests Matta had the Guazzoni engine. Possibly this was replaced with a Minarelli due difficulty with spares. Ed.

anthonyandcarol at iinet.net.au
Motor Gauzzoni 175 sports year approx 1960
My husband used to own one of these and loved it ,are there any still around ,or a decent photograph of one ,I would love to surprise him with some info .kind regards Carol
Carol Spratt
Australia, previously UK

  • If he owned it in the UK it was quite possibly a Dot Guazzoni. They appear to be quite rare, and there is one small image in the Guazzoni gallery. Ed.

erik.stam at live.nl
Guazzoni kart engine
Hello, I am restoring an Italian Quickkart with a Guazzoni 50cc ? engine.
Can somebody me give more information about the engine ?
Erik Stam
Monster, Netherlands

  • Guazzoni-50cc-Kart-Engine images posted to Comments.

Sun Aug 17 2014
roaddratt at aol.com
guazzoni sport dirt

Value year

Tank appears very similar to that on Franco Bonadonna's Guazzoni Matta, so it's probably a c1968 model. Engine, exhaust, headlight all non-original. Value debatable.

Tue Sep 22 2009
guazzonidesign at pshiftdot com
guazzoni 150 sport advertisement
I am interested in purchasing the GUAZZONI 150 Sport Advertisement, as shown on line, as a poster

Sorry, cannot help with that.

August 2009

lusitania74 at gmail.com
Fernando Paulino;
Cá estão as fotos.
Marco Pestana
www.pharmasaopedro.com - Pharma São Pedro - Ribeira Brava
BMW Club Madeira - Clube Oficial BMW nº 342

Here is some pictures of my bike Guazzoni. When it was old, restoring and know is in the museum together with my two old MG A coupe, MG B and Rover 2000.


Fernando Faria Paulino
The bike is in a privat museum, in Regency Hotel here in Madeira.

Fri Jun 26 2009
fcfpaulino at gmaildot com
My Bike
Guazzoni 72 RM 100-125
Is the only one in Portugal, Madeira. Can you tell-me the history of this bike?

Tue Jan 20 2009
andyubp at live.co.uk
guazzoni 1961 175 2 stroke
i have a bike in very not over restored condition good nick how much are these worth in uk pounds.thanks.

Try the page on motorcycle valuations. Ed.

Tue Dec 09 2008
ddettmann at erdmandot com
Kart Engine Super A
I'm restoring a Guazzoni kart engine (circa 1961) and I'm looking for some decals/stickers. Do you know of anyone who could help me (see attached picture)?

Mon Nov 20 2006

msd at iae.nl
Guazzoni Ingranagino 6 gaer works race machine
originale works race machine 6 marche ex Guido Sala only 2 fabiciecierd winner trento bodonde - gp monza 

Thu Nov 02 2006
the-begs at hotmaildot com
parts needed
Guazzoni sport 1959
i have a Guazzoni 175 2 stroke (1959) i need a pair of front foot pegs and complete exasust system. have you a contact number so i can get these parts many thanks James

Mon Aug 14 2006
crisgen at hotmaildot com
Guazzoni Gran Turismo 250 cc
Please, help me!!!
I'm looking everything for this motorcycle "Guazzoni Gran Turismo 250 cc". Photos or other.
My uncle have had this motorcycle in 1952 and I'm very interesting in this model.
Pls if someone has some information about my request contact me.

Tue Jun 13 2006
stevewilson007 at hotmail.co.uk
Hi, Im contacting you to ask a question. I have found an old Guazzoni motorbike and it looks very much like the 1960 version but im not sure. I was wondering if you could tell me how much it is worth in restored condition and how much in slightly in need of restoration please? Thank you for any info. Steve Wilson

Try the page on motorcycle valuations. Ed.

Thu Mar 16 2006
wylie at babson.edu
guazzoni 50 - 1966
Had one of these at one point. Manufacuturer bore it out to 60 cc and it went like a flash. Seeing your site made me wish I had never given it away after it proved to be so finicky.

Sorry, I wish. I only have a bundle of find memories of flying down the road at 90 miles an hour on a 90 pound bike with the blistering sound of a spinning 2 cycle engine going at full tilt and being driven through without a muffler. I am so lucky not to have killed myself. But when it got so temperamental that I had to kick it over 100 times to get it going, my interest waned.

Thu Dec 29 2005
msd at iae.nl
Guazzoni corsa ex Guido sala
i am the owner from 3 guazzon`s unna corsa la fabrica ingranigino

pixters guazzoni matta with menani parts colexione toon v d dungen ollanda

Fri Nov 11 2005
bremnerandrew at aoldot com
i need to find out more about my GUAZZONI 2T 150cc circa 1954? can you help?

well, i cannot find any pictures of the GUAZZONI at the moment but here is an even rarer GEROSA 125cc 2T from the early 1950s which I am even more keen to discover any information. HELP!!!!!!

Tue Jun 28 2005
mgputruele at hotmaildot com
guazzoni motos
necesito si pueden enviarme algunas imagenes y/o datos tecnicos de una guazzoni sports 1960

Translation: I need if they can send me some images and/or tecnicos data of one guazzoni sports 1960

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