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"LINCOLN ELK" 1913 3 1/2 H.P. Model A


Total weight 160 lb.

ENGINE. - "Lincoln Elk," special design, of great flexibility, 85 x 88 mm., heavy flywheels, hard phosphor bronze to all bearings, mechanically operated valves of large diameter and interchangeable, strong half-time gear wheels, each valve operated by its own cam with independent rockers.

IGNITION. - Bosch 1913 magneto, chain driven, in aluminium case.

CARBURETTER. -Brown and Barlow, 1918 pattern.

CONTROL.- Entirely handle-bar control.

TRANSMISSION. - By Shamrock belt. GEAR.- 4 1/2 to 1 or as ordered.

FRAME. -Strong, graceful design, with Druid spring forks, wheelbase 53"', special cradle and bracket in which engine is carried by four bolts only. Height to top of saddle 30".

BRAKES.-Bowden front rim brake applied from handlebar, and belt rim brake operated by simple pedal.

WHEELS. - 26" carrying 2 1/4" Palmer motor-cycle tyres.

TANK - Petrol capacity 1 1/4 gallons (this machine runs 80 to 100 miles to the gallon), lubricating oil for 400 miles, fed by force pump on tank.

SADDLE. -Brooks "B 130" large size, with buffer springs.

STAND -Swing, easily let down, very steady.

FOOTRESTS.-Special, with comfortable rubber pads.

CARRIER.- Special tubular and toolbag.

Price (as per above specification) £35.

    Enamelled Brown, 10s extra.


    Countershaft, 2-speed gear and free engine, £8 extra.
    Free engine, clutch (not variable pulley) £2 10s extra.
    Variable pulley, 10s extra.

Source: Lincolnshire Life

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