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Martinsyde Motorcycles


A Brief History of the Marque

Edinburgh born G.H. Handasyde was an aircraft manufacturer during WWI. Partnered with Martin in 1908 as Martin and Handasyde, the company was renamed Martinsyde Ltd in 1912 and commenced motorcycle production in 1919 using their own engines, 350cc singles and 676cc IOE V-twins. The larger machines had 3 speed AJS gearboxes, Amac carburettors and drip-feed lubrication. When production ceased in 1923 the name and tooling was sold to BAT, who produced the BAT-Martinsyde until 1925.


Inlet Over Exhaust

Aka the F-Head, the IOE system was widely used in early four-stroke engines. Italiano: valvole di aspirazione sopra quelle di scarico; contrapposte.

Martinsyde had factories in Woking and Brooklands.

Martinsyde History continued...

Models included:
1919 Martinsyde-Newman 677cc V-twins - the engine was designed by H.C. Newman of Ivy fame.
1920 498cc V-Twin
1922 677cc Model B
1922 498cc Model C
1923 347ccc Single

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Martinsyde 1922 678cc.jpg
Martinsyde 1922 678cc

Mon Jun 18 2012
martynsyde 680
to the people who require info on these wonderfull machine s i have one in use still 1921with its box also loads paper info inc woking addresses

Thu Oct 13 2011
I live in Woking, in a road named Martinsyde, after the motorcycle manufacturer. I am trying to trace an address for the Woking premises. I understand they were based at Woking and Brooklands. Brooklandas is only a few miles away and I am interested to find the location of their other premises.

Thu Jul 26 2007
jan.urednicek at
My new motocycles

Wed Sep 20 2006
jandendas at gmail dot com
JAP aero engines

Dear Sir
Because of my interrest in Martinsyde aeroplanes I am looking for information concerning JAP aero engines.
I found that three types were used:
1. eight-cylinder JAP side valve engine of 35,40 or 45 hp;
2. six-cylinder direct drive JAP engine 40 hp;
3. 35 hp OHV JAP engine.
Who can help me with information sutch as outside dimensions maybe outside drawings?
I will use these in drawings which I will make of the aero planes?
Thank you for your help.
With regards,
Jan den Das

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