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Omega Motorcycles 1919

Omega 1919 JAP 2¾ h.p.

The 1919 2¾ h.p. sports model Omega

Another Four-stroke Lightweight.

The 1919 Omega which is fitted with the 2¾ h.p. J. A. P. Engine

BEFORE the war Omega lightweights were produced with both two and four-stroke engines, and probably the latter type was the better known. It will therefore come as no surprise that its manufacturers, Messrs. W. J. Green, Ltd., of Coventry, chose this kind of machine when they decided to concentrate upon one model for the ensuing year.

The new Omega is fitted with the latest type 2¾ h.p. J.A.P. engine, with the magneto in the forward position; otherwise the machine differs very little from its predecessors. 26 x 21/4 tyres are now fitted, and a two-speed countershaft gear is a standard fitment. The machine is supplied as a touring model with raised handle-bars, and as a sporting machine with semi T.T. bars.

The Motor Cycle April 17th, 1919.

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