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Omega Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Omega motorcycles were produced from 1914 to 1927 by W. J. Green and Co of Coventry.

These machines utilized Villiers, Bradshaw and JAP powerplants as well as their own two-stroke engines, apparently. Omega built machines for York of Austria until 1927, and subsequently Omega production moved to Vienna.

A report of the Motor Cycle Show in 1924 reads in part,

"Special attention should be directed to the Model I. This has a J.A.P. engine of 293 c.c., and is equipped with M.L. magneto, B. and B. carburetter, Sturmey-Archer three-speed box, Renolds all-chain drive, mechanical oil feed, and Clincher tyres, 26 in. by 21 in. At its price of £38 15s. it is good value for money. Other models include a 350 C.C. machine with overhead valve J.A.P. engine, one with a Bradshaw power unit, and another with a Barr and Stroud. Yet another of the same engine capacity has a J.A.P. side-by-side valve engine, and another is a two-stroke machine."

The name "Omega" was also employed on machines made in Wolverhampton (1909), and by manufacturers in several other countries. See Omega Marques

History of Omega motorcycles

etnolan at yahoo.com
Omega Point 1925
I would like to know more about this machine. Apart from the fact that it was featured in an article in " Irish Vintage Scene magazine.
... I have been told is an "Omega Point" 1925 first registered in Dublin Ireland.
E.T. Nolan.
Dublin D13E9W8

  • The machine has an inclined two-stroke engine considerably larger that the 1.7hp model, described in some advertising as the One Point Seven. The engine does not match any model for which I can find a record.
    Images posted to Comments.

Wed May 28 2014
jirimoto at seznam.cz
Omega model 7
Hello ,
this is my Omega 7 ,680 SV 1927 the last year of production .
Czech rep.

Mon Mar 04 2013
omega with JAP 680 V twin engine
Omega 680 JAP
Hi all. Im looking for any info on the Omega motor cycle with the JAP 680 V twin engine. photos, documents manuals.
Thanks in advance.

Sun Dec 23 2012
Omega Not sure(racing?
I have some photographs of my father's 1925? Omega. It appears to have a dog eared Jap racing engine, I believe for grass track and sprints, I wondered if you are interested

The machine involved (one of many he had) was first taxed in Monmouthshire in 1925 with the No AX 7393 on 11/04/1925 as an Omega. This must be one of the later Omegas built in Coventry. It appears to have been registered to Thomas John Saunders, 6 Old Estate Yard, Pontymoile, (Pontypool, Monmouthshire). There was another Omega registered on the same day to a nearby location (Crumlin). I found these photographs only after both my parents had died, so I was only previously aware that at some time he had owned one. I believe that the Saunders concerned had a garage in Pontypool as did his sons later, perhaps he was the OMEGA supplier? It also appears from the Monmouthshire Archives that the machine was removed from taxation in 1968.

I know that my father was greatly involved in different types of motorcycle sport ;- trials, long distance trials, grass track and sprinting but he told us very little, though we still have some awards and cups of his.  He rode largely in S.Wales but I know that he toured S.W for  grass track racing and upset some locals by winning.. He had other machines such as a P &P(sleeve valve), Flying Squirrel Scott ( in trials!)  Ariels and Matchless but have little detail. It appears that his competition was largely from 1928 to early 1930's as then he set up his own garage in Croesyceiliog.

I have attached a few photographs, one of an Ariel I cannot identify and others of the Omega, the last of which is from one of the motorcycle magazines, and also one of the P & P. The quality of some is poor despite Photoshop. I hope that this is some help to you.
Mike Christopher

Sat Apr 07 2012
Value of Motorcycle
omega 250 (1924)
My father owns this motorbike, but being 85yrs old, does not get out on it that much anymore! He was wondering what the selling price would be. Would you be able to assist? The bike has been lovingly restored and runs.
Stroud, Gloucestershire

Fri Jan 29 2010
jos.li at skynet.be
Omega Sporting model
Omega 1923-300cc wie heeft documentatie,reklame,

Omega-1923-300cc-1.jpg posted 1001

Fri Oct 02 2009
pe.wirth at aon.at
1926 OMEGA 1926-28
1926-28 with bradshaw
re my msg, add picture
this was sold in austria and used from my father. picture date is 19.11.1931
search for info


thanks will send you more info soon. my model was sold through an viennies company called robert sturm. later he designed motorcycles. hope you get a lot if infos.
there was a newspaper cold motorrad in which there was an article about omega. i need to scan this info for you. there is also a motorcycle museum in austria siegmundsherberg and the owner has lot of old bikes and tonns of infomaterial.
Österreichisches motorradmuseum
kleinmeiseldorfer strasse 8
3751 sigmundsherberg
mr friedrich ehn is the owner.


happy biking, peter

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