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The BSA Twin Carb Mystery

Links and Credits

About the Author - Myles Raymond, living in Glasgow, Scotland.? Obsessed not only with twin carb A7/A10s but also Gold Stars? - a? web site is imminent.? I'd be a Ducati nut too if I still had my 250cc Desmo?- did everything a Gold Star does with half the weight, fuss, cost... but also half the cachet!

The twin carb story isn't finished yet!! If you can add some more information, rumour or just an opinion, I'd like to hear from you. If you can tell me where one of the original Daytona motors is I need to hear from you!? need to hear from you! Contact me at -

Credits - Those who have assisted

Most special thanks go to Daniel Boss, whose BSA Super Rocket web site was the point of entry into an endless stream of emails, contacts, hints, tips, photos and encouragement - a considerable debt is owed. Why not say 'thanks' yourself and visit his Super Rocket site! (link below)

Others who provided information and assistance over this period were Brian Pollitt of the UK BSAOC, Clark Francy, Mirek Sharp, Tony Boothman, Brett 'Rickman Man' Matthews and Walt Malec - many thanks, guys.

Other special thanks go to Johann Patek for his photos of the well-made DIY twin carb head, tales of wild Viennese twin carb racers, riding Gold Stars in Europe and ecouragement to keep drinking that most splendid product of the Czech Republic, Staropramen.

Links - Some related A7 and A10 web sites

BSA A10 Super Rocket Page - Daniel Boss's site, devoted to the BSA Super Rocket and the chief inspiration for this page. Also a co-conspirator in the A7/A10 twin-carb (yes they did!) saga... but that's another web page - watch this space!! - BSA A10 Super Rocket Page

BSAOC UK - UK BSAOC web site maintained by Brian Pollitt - BSAOC UK

SRM Engineering UK - Specialists in parts, services and rebuilds for BSA pre-unit and unit twins.? Catalogue available in paper and PDF file from their site. If you want to get parts, advice or general info about pre-unit and unit twins SRM are the masters. - SRM Engineering UK

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