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    This web site is proudly brought to you by Infernosoft, makers of Software from Hell®, with the following hardware:

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    Serving the Web and the Motorcycle Community since 1908.

    Okay, okay, here’s the Real Information. The site is served by a Power Macintosh 7600 running AppleShare IP over a Sonic/PacBell 256kbps DSL connection. It was created using the following hardware and software:

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    You can reach the perpetrators by emailing webmaster at spagthorpe dot com.


    A great deal of Spagthorpe lore can be found at, to whom we are indebted. There's more stuff at which we haven't mined yet. If you feel an article was improperly attributed, or you have more information about where an article came from, please let us know and we’ll be happy to add that information to the attributions field.


    Wendell Gunderson-Ogelthorpe
    Director of Virtual Development & Simulations
    Spagthorpe Skunk Works, Isolation Chamber B-7

    Nigel Spagthorpe

    (Take the Castor Oil out of the Spagthorpe.)

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