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Paris agent: Georges Deloche, 55 rue Montmartre.

Motocyclette IXION de 275 cm3 en 1905

Two-stroke induction engine developed in Lille by Léon Cordonnier, patented in April 1901. The company was formed in 1892, and had 400 employees in 1894. Related patents date back to 1887.

His design was very similar to the modern two-stroke, with petroil lubrication, crankcase compression, and piston ports.

Ixion built around 1,900 engines in various configurations running on petroleum, alcohol and coal gas, and were utilised by several motorcycle manufacturers including the Komet of Germany, Primus of Great Britain and Allvelo in Sweden. They were built under license by Gillet Herstal, GEM of Denmark and others. They were also used in industrial and marine applications.

The Ixion motorcycle was displayed at the Paris Motor Show of 1905 with an engine of 275cc.

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There were several Ixion marques; see Disambiguation

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