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A Brief History of the Marque

George Roy built his first machines in 1923, the New Motorcycle. These were not a commercial success, and in 1929(1) he produced the magnificent Majestic in partnership with the Delachanal concern, who manufactured the famous French marque Dollar. (2)

The Majestic was highly innovative, sporting such visionary features as centre hub steering, an automobile-like pressed steel chassis, and telescopic front suspension. In common with more modern machines which have used similar steering and suspension solutions (at least in concept), Roy used this system to achieve a constant wheelbase and therefore superior handling.

The Dollar marque was acquired in about 1931 (as the depression years were biting seriously) by Metallurgical and Industrial Omnium, owner of Chaise. Over a period of five years roughly 100 Majestic machines were produced, powered by 350cc & 500c single-cylinder engines from Chaise, JAP V-twins, and four-cylinder engines from Cleveland. The Chaise narrow-angle V4 engine may have been fitted to some Majestic machines, but is unclear as to whether this was the case. Production ceased in 1933 when Dollar went out of business.

A machine similar in appearance to the Majestic appeared in an advertising illustratiion by Geo Ham promoting the little-known marque Royal-Dollar by Delachanal.

In the mid-1930s OEC produced their magnificent Atlanta Duo which had striking similarities to the Majestic.

1. Some sources give 1928 as the beginning of production.
2. This is not quite accurate perhaps as British magazine Motor Cycling in its July 10th 1929 edition featured an article on the "New-Motorcycle", which in appearance is certainly identical to the Majestic and is described as "a new French four-cylinder machine" with a Cleveland four-cylinder engine.

Sources: JLB Creations; Wikipedia France

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majestic 500
can you help me with majestic specifications I particularly need to know the wheel base

Thu Dec 08 2011
1929 majestic
majestic 1929
im thinking i might try and build a 1929 majestic from scratch and was wondering if you had any idea where i might find some more detailed pictures of it or technical drawings to help me in my endevaour

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