CCM Motorcycles CCM produced motorcycles from 1971 to 1980. They have been manufactured again since 1987.

The initials come from Clews Competition Machines, a firm founded by Alan Clews, of Bolton, Lancashire, and first called Clewstrokes.

  • 1971 Following on from his success in scrambles, Clews bought a consignment of parts from the BSA competition shop when it closed. The first batch of machines, the Clews Stroka, was based on those parts.
  • 1972 As the Stroka had been a success, the first CCM machines were produced, based on the BSA B50 engine, at either 499cc or 608cc, but with many refinements and modifications. Throughout the 1970s those big four-stroke motorcycles were very successful and late in the decade a trials model joined the list, followed by two-stroke scramblers fitted with Italian Hiro engines.
  • 1980 Financial problems caused CCM to be taken over by Armstrong, although the machines kept the name for the following year. After that they were labelled Armstrong-CCM, and in 1981 the engine unit was changed to the Austrian Rotax four-stroke single.
  • 1987 Alan Clews bought his old company back and built it up by selling spares and Armstrong machines on back-order.
  • 1989 CCM returned to the world of competition, with a range still using the Rotax engine.
  • 1990s They continued with a range of trials and motocross models. The trials version had a two-stroke engine and the motocross models used a big four-stroke single with capacity ranging from 500cc to 590cc.
  • 1997 A 'super moto' model was added. This was intended for road use and was excellent - if rather expensive. The motocross model was also available in Enduro or Rallye Raid trim, and fitted with a 560cc Rotax engine. After Rotax ceased production, CCM began to use Suzuki engine units. There were plans for a super trail model with a huge Swedish V-twin engine, but nothing came of it.
  • 2000s Since the beginning of the new century, the company continued building machines with a Suzuki 664cc, a 400cc single, and more recently a handsome 599cc watercooled sports single named the Spitfire in various guises.
Source: Graces Guide

CCM Motorcycles

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