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A Brief History of the Marque

The Clews Competition Motorcycle company was formed by former BSA works rider Alan Clews in 1971 and was still going strong several decades later. Based in Blackburn, the factory has produced a string of successful competition machines, albeit in rather small quantities (200 motorcycles in 2000). Initially powered by BSA engines, the firm used Rotax engines during the 80s and 90s when production reached a peak of 3,500 annually including the Armstrong, which was built by CCM. In the 1980s, many CCM and Armstrong models were identical. The 83 MX500 was marketed as a Can-Am in North America, and as an Armstrong in Europe.

Suzuki engines have been employed since the turn of the millenium, initially using air-cooled 644cc engines and more recently the liquid-cooled 404cc powerplant.

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CCM Models include:

  • 500 CR BSA 500cc 1972-1975

    B5 CR 500cc 1976-1980

    MX 500 & 600, 598cc & 572cc, 1976

    CR 580cc 1973-1975

    TR MkII 350cc 1978

    B6 CR 580cc 1976-1980

    Grand Prix Replica 498cc, 545cc & 572cc 1980

    MX 500 1983 (Can-Am)


150 x 98


97 x 27


89 x 22

3 files in folder

matt.evesadi at gmail.com
604 1995
Hi I am looking to get to the bottom of what bike I have. I know it is a 604 maybe c26/c25
The only number I have is JN872
Kind regards
  • Where is the number located, and is it an engine number or a frame number? An image may prove helpful.
    If you find a useful source for this information please share so it can be added to this page: Serial Numbers

Tue Oct 05 2010

jrrules20042004<at>yahoo dot com
manual onwers
CCM JL200 dual sport
I am a trainer here in Afghanistan and need a manual for this motorcycle

Wed Apr 01 2009
ddewoina at comcast.net
Motor Serial number
CCM 1975
Can you tell me what Motor Serial Number was used for frame number 75091? If not who can?

Thanks for your help

colorado USA

Thu Feb 26 2009
www.marc-plate at ekit dot com
1999 CCM 604 supermoto(street)
CCM Year:1999 Engine:Rotax 604
I have a chance at buying a 1999 CCM,I know little about clues competition motorcycles and am looking for information on this model year supermoto with street legal lighting. Any information would be a great help. Thanks Marc

Sat Dec 06 2008
bessbud at tiscali.co.uk
ccm cmx125lc
can anyboday give me info on this bike been found in a shed in grantham lincs and is standed w/p shock

Sun Dec 30 2007
lillywhite-carl at yahoo.co.uk
rear wheel
1983 cmx 500
Hi, I'm looking for a rear wheel for my ccm armstrong cmx 500. The hub has cracked all round the sproket bolts. I'm trying to find a replacment befor I try and get it welded. Any info would be grate, even what bike the wheels were out of as I sure ccm didn't make them. Thanks agen
west sussex

Thu May 17 2007
colin.power at loucoll.ac.uk
Workshop Manual
CCM 604
Hi I have been trying to get hold of service information for my CCM Rotax 604. Is there any where I can look to find out any information?



Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Thu Oct 26 2006
leighton-guppy at hotmail dot com
float height
ccm rotax 604 supermoto
Please help i have just got myself a ccm 604 rotax and it would be a great bike but it keeps flooding. I have check the nedle valve and the seat is good. I have tryied to gess the setting but it then rungs like a dog (as we all know it could take a month to find the riight setting)

Hope you can help

Wed Apr 05 2006
parts.torbay at gtmotorcycles dot com
parts information
ccm 604 year 2000 eng rotax
hi we are gt motorcycles and are looking for a head gasket for this bike are supplier for ccm parts no longer deal with ccm can you help us or put us in touch with a deal for ccm parts. many thanks

Try the CCM directory at Bikelinks - there are several CCM dealers listed there.

If you have a query or information about CCM Motorcycles please contact us