Coventry Motette Tricars

Manufactured: 1899-1903

Used 2½ & 3½hp engines based on a Leon Bollee design.

First announced in 1987, the Coventry Motette entered production in 1899. It was developed by the Coventry Motor Company and the Humber company and was produced at both plants. CEO of the operation was Charles McRobie Turrell, secretary to H.J. Lawson [1]. A modified version of the Bollee tricar, it had belt drive and its cylinder alongside the rear wheel, and the crank-shaft and reduction gear ahead of it. The passenger seat went between the front wheels and the driver sat behind.

It is believed that quite a number of these machines were manufactured and sold to the well-heeled.

N.B. 1. Harry J. Lawson had a dubious reputation. He was involved with Lawson tricars and other firms.

Sources: Graces Guide,, Wikipedia.

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