Garelli Motorcycles

Garelli 1924 349cc Description


The two-stroke two-cylinder common chamber Garelli retained the working principle of its original creator to production in the 30s of 1900.

The motorcycle proposed here is characterized by the model back to the First World War with its magneto placed in front of the cylinders, its gear integral to two speed - the latter a simplified version of the gearbox designed by Adalberto Garelli for Bianchi - and final drive chain.

This machine incorporates features of the Gran Sport and Turismo, boasting footpeg and wings of the former and the latter sporting the handlebar. Notice there is no front brake, which was not standard equipment until another year or two. Curiously, there are two footrests for brakes, one on each side, which drove the rear brake.

GARELLI ROUTIERE year 1924 - 349 cc
VERY RARE from private collection.

Information and images courtesy Bretti Brothers More information at Bretti Brothers EMU Contributor Page