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Humber 1918 750cc Watercooled Combination

The Humber watercooled 6 HP twin was designed as a sidecar machine and has a three-speed countershaft gearbox with two neutrals. The unit was designed and manufactured by Humber, the first time they had used such a gearbox.

The horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine has valves, guides, springs and valve seats in detachable housings, a 21 lb external flywheel, American Splitdorf magneto and Zenith carburettor. Lubrication is by Best and Lloyd drip feed, the clutch is a foot-operated multiple plate device. It has a bore and stroke of 78 x 78 mm, giving 745cc

This machine was bought new by Mr. W. Sharp, a cycle maker and dealer from Worksop, Nottinghamshire, who owned it until 1959. The sidecar chassis was built in his workshop.

Yesterdays NL kindly supplied this image and the full history of the machine may be viewed on their site.

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