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Motobecane 1927 MB1

Motobecane had commenced production during 1923 and by the end of the twenties were offering a range of machines. The smaller capacity models were all two-strokes with capacities ranging from 99cc to 308cc, whilst the larger capacity models utilised side valve single cylinder engines up to 498cc. At the beginning of the thirties the existing models were joined by a pair of overhead cam in-line fours; however, it was machines such as the one displayed here that ensured the company made a profit.

The MB1 had originaly been offered with direct drive, but by the time that this example was built a two-speed, hand-change gearbox had become available. Displacing 175cc, drive is taken from the gearbox to the rear wheel with a belt and simple girder forks are fitted. Listed as the "Modele Pour Homme" it was complemented by a lady's model with a drop tube frame, listed as "Modele Ecclesiastique", we can only speculate as to what the marketing people were suggesting about the French clergy of the time!

Attractively presented with black cycle parts and blue fuel tank the machine is fitted with footboards and a wicker rear basket. It was found in a French barn and restored some time ago it is described by the owner as being in good condition cosmetically and in respect of the cycle parts.
Courtesy H&H Classic Auctions

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