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Motoconfort Motorcycles

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Made in France from 1930 to 1982
42 rue des Grilles
PANTIN (Seine).

See also Motobecane

Some models had Blackburne engines.

Motoconfort Models

gd.precision at
Motoconfort f4 1930
I have just purchased my Motoconfort f3 308cc. I was wondering if there were any information or Manuals etc. that I could purchase.
In particular do you have any information on what type of Voltage regulator I would need ? The dynamo does work but isn't connected.
Glen Dickens
United Kingdom

Try this page: Books and Manuals
kevinhurst at
motoconfort MC6 1928
Hi, does anyone know where I can get engine chain covers please
Kevin Hurst
United Kingdom
dave.nelmes at
1954 motoconfort moby scoot
I'm desperately trying to find spares to put this back together any help would be appreciated
Mr David C Nelmes

Motoconfort-1954-Moby-DCN images posted to Comments.

yungstog at
Motoconfort C45S 1950
Hi, restoring the above model, can you advise if frames are stamped with number or just the plate mounted on headstock. Also looking for used spares, mainly a headlight with out speedo appeture
Graham Brown

Motoconfort-1950-C45S-Scotland.jpg posted to comments, above.

 Fri, 02 Feb 2018
melvinwalborn at
Motoconfort Pony. 1948
Trying to find tires. Any suggestions?
Melvin walborn
McMinnville, Oregon USA

Sat, 05 Aug 2017
roelof.dijkstra at
Motoconfort AU31 1954?

I have a motoconfort, motor nr. 001368 build in 1954 I suppose. Do you have information about this type. Where can I find the number of the frame?
Roelof Dijkstra
Fryslan Netherlands

Info on serial number locations here.

Thu Mar 03 2016
hayleyjones2 at
hi i have purchased a motoconfort believed to be 1938 can you tell me where the frame number should be please as i cannot find it. THANKS

Thu Feb 19 2015
erisaksh at
spare parts
motoconfort c23 from 1937
i am looking for spare parts for my motoconfort, especially engine parts. Also interested in contact persons and websites.
Trondheim, Norway

Sat Dec 13 2014

chrisgarrett at
Motoconfort 125 4 stroke
I'm looking for information on my 1956 125 motoconfort, also clubs in France (normandy) and spares
Basse Normandy

Fri Nov 14 2014
avitmotorsport at<
My d45 125cc
Motoconfort D45
How can I find out what year my new bike is please so I can register it in the UK.

The numbers on the plate are

Type:- c45s
Machine no :- 563232
Motor no:- 563389

Ewen Sergison
Doncaster uk

Thu Dec 12 2013
mobylette motoconfort au76
the DVLA are being bloody minded. i have sent them loads of information about my bike and photos but they say i need a conformation of year of manufacture . thdate on plate says 21.10.57 but they say i need conformation from someone

Thu Aug 04 2011
Pavel Hruška
I am looking for documentation about Motoconfort 175 made 1931 year
Teplice Czech Republic

Thu May 14 2009
ontour2007 at hotmaildot com<
no spqrt in the points
motoconfort m40t
when i pedal the moped the points do not more or spark is that why it is not starting thank you for your time
pre en pail

Sun Aug 31 2008
hayabusagsx1300r at
1928 r2
hi there
my friend ha a 1928 motoconfort 250cc r2 jap motor in complete but unrestored condition we are after whatever we can get info ect ect was wondering if you could help thanks bruce
motoconfort r2 1928 jap
hi there here is the pic you asked for.of my friends bike, any help would be appretiated.
thanks bruce

Thu Apr 17 2008
snikdaw at bigponddot com<
Motonfort Caddy values
Motoconfort Cady 1967
Hi All just seeing if anyone would be kind enopugh to give me ballpark valuations of a original untampered 1967 Motoconfort cady in great condition. I have found one and was interested in the worth of these. I am in Australia but any curreny is fine i can convert. Thanks

Fri Sep 28 2007
ken.rimell at btopenworlddot com<
motoconfort Moped
Just purchased a rather sad looking moped. A small disk on an engine mount gives the name Motoconfort and a number 2026170 49.9cm3 and that it was delivered in De 1954. Any info/workshop manual etc.
West Sussex

Mon Oct 09 2006
sevaldpetr at
Motoconfort Blackburne 250?

Wed Mar 29 2006
rlegros335 at aoldot com
Manual motoconfort 125cc
Would like to find an operational manual or parts manual for my 125cc motoconfort

Mon Jan 30 2006
ian at siestasoldot com<
I am currently restoring a 1950 Motoconfort c45s.
This has a 125cc four stroke side-valve engine.There doesnt seem to be much information available on the internet,and parts are virtually unobtainable. However it has been possible to refurbish the bike using more modern parts where necessary. For example the original Gurtner carb, which was beyond repair has been replaced with a Dellorto carb with trumpet.The local machine shop has made me a new cylinder liner machined to fit the original piston with new rings etc.The idea is to be able to ride the bike and enjoy it.

If anyone would like more information on these models I would be pleased to help.Ian Vert.

Sat Oct 08 2005
deirdrestewart at btinternetdot com<
motoconfort G45S circa 1948 ish
Aquired this bike recently, pretty intact. Mainly paintwork, but I do need one or two bits for it. Having problems sourcing spares, most of the sites are either in French or worse still in the US. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Mon Jul 04 2005
pat.sylvester2 at btinternetdot com<
I have just purchased in an auction a motoconfort moped with a carrying handle. Could anyone give me any information on this, when and where they were produced. Did they have a special use. What c.c. are they? Any information would be appreciated including where to buy spares, tyres etc; Thanks please tel 07761228637

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