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Wed Dec 21 2011
motobecane 1957?
I need 19" rims for my moped. They are 36 spoke and the tire size is 23" x 2.00".

Fri Nov 18 2011
parts for motobecane moped 1975 51V
motobecane moped 1975 51V
Parts required :
drive belt, indicators front & back, speedo cable
Australia, Perth, W.A.

Tue Sep 13 2011
Motobecane motoconfort AU 37 or AU 44
i have these 2 bikes and require some spairs, anyone has 2 complete wheels 600x50B front and back to sell, i also need foot pedals and handlebar rubbers???

Sun Sep 04 2011
Motocebane motor bike help
motocebane type-d 45
I have this motorbike no motor and need any info anyone can help me with. The head stock tag says: motocebane type d 45 -machine no. 412718 Moteur no. 413902- I want to know what year it is and any information on these bikes. Parts & or manuals availability would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. - Rick
colona, illinois usa

Mon Apr 04 2011
sarelpetrusdupreez<at>gmail dot com
Motobecane unknown
Hi There.

My father received a Motobecane as a gift. But onfortunately the bike was dis-ensembled. He now wants to restore the bike and get it running again.
Any help regarding where he might be able to get a Workshop manual will be greatly appreciated. As well as any Adress of a store here in South Africa where he might phone for advice
Despatch, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Mon Dec 20 2010
sherrybaby71<at>gmail dot com
Moto becane For Sale
Moto becane possible D 50 series ? 1960's
Please contact me with an address to send pictures.
I have at least six bikes
I don't know what they are.
Anybody interested please call, Whitney Simpson,
State: Alabama
Telephone: (334) 858-6173
Alabama,United States

Tue Nov 02 2010
luca.colomberotto at
Motobecane M2 250 del 1932
Motobecane M2 250 del 1932 M2 250 del 132
vorrei ricevere informazioni su dove trovare schede tecniche e manuali della moto per poterla restaurare,
oppure degli indirizzi
mail a chi scrivere ..
Vorrei anche acquistare dei pezzi di ricambio mancanti tipo il serbatoio dell'olio.

Pordenone, Italia

Sat Oct 23 2010
tommyvalue<at>hotmail dot com
restoration info
Motobecane Mobylette
Hello I have just brought a 1949 mobylette AV3 which I intend to restore to its original condition.any information on where to buy spares/manuals (in English) sorry I don't speak French would be a great help.

Mon Aug 23 2010
Dating document
mobylette mobymatic
I have just bought a mobylette moped in france with no documentation. I have the frame and engine numbers. How do I get a dating document with these numbers?
Kind regards Bernard

Wed Sep 29 2010
Mebylette motobecane
I have acquired a 1959 (born on date 7/31/59) French Mebylette Motobecane,Type AV88, 49.9 cm, Serial No. 506181, with 50.7 miles and would like to know the value. Thank you.

Tue Jul 27 2010
lukasvaes<at>hotmail dot com
Gurtner brevete
Motobecane m1prts

I have a motobecane m1prts.
I would like to replace the carburator.
The original carb is a Gurtner brevete.

Do you have any tips for me?

Sat Jul 24 2010
could anyone please help me,i need to find where the chassis number is located on a 1970 mobylette av89. it is not on the front stalk mount where the stem is lacated not under the side panels and not in the tool box, so i am stumped as i have to get it MOT with no log book i have the engine number, any info would be greatly appreciated, many thanks

Mon Jun 14 2010

motobecane moby
vorrei sapere per iscrizione moto d'epoca cosa occorre grazie


Fri Jun 04 2010
what is it?
motobecane motor bike
anyone know what this is? Found it in my barn and might sell it...

Mon May 17 2010
price range ?
ateliers de la motobecane sa 1979 type50v
if any one buys this type

Thu May 06 2010
glginger<at>aol dot com
fuel mixture
mobylette 1974 moped 49cc
please can you tell me the the oil to petrol fuel ratio mix
Dorset England

Wed Mar 17 2010
owners manual
motobecane 50
hello i have a blue motobecane cady moped my dad got back in 1975 or 1976 not sure we have had it since rode it 4 a few years n has been in storage since do u know if there is a owners manual still avaliable? also does it take straight gas or a 2 stroke gas mix? thanks its in very good shape still runs like to keep it in the family thank u very much.

Thu Feb 25 2010
durene7 at bigpond dot com
Motor cycle
Motobecarne 51su 49.9cc 30 05 1979
The bike is 95% complet
it has solid spoke wheels any offers?
Perth West Aussie

Tue Feb 16 2010
HJironside at aol dot com
history on our bike
motobecane MB1
we have found a MB1 registration number 2363 G/V 1 with a brass plaque on the cross bar J.LEMORNAUD St MALO de Phily (we think y could be x or v ) IET VNE we have no paperwork on the bike and would like to know more about the year and also the brass plaque also how we get paperwork on it
PAR , United Kingdom

Fri Jan 15 2010
aryjosealcazar at gmail dot com
solicitud de repuesto
motobecane Mobylette-50v

Sat Jan 09 2010
fedelep at
Motobecane Velosex Type 3800
Telaio 3820659

14 marzo 1966 ?

Non posseggo documenti, come posso fare per immatricolarlo in Italia?

Sat Oct 31 2009
Robvanoers40 at hotmail dot com
Motobécane AV50
I have found a almost new Motobécane and I think it's a AV50.
The problem is that I don't have the Paperwork that goes with it, If I want to give it a new licence plate,
I should have the licence paper or something.

Can you help me with this?
The additional info:
NL B 8134
Mach No 50513225

Best Regards
Rob van Oers
The Netherlands

Tue Oct 06 2009
p.goodchild at
Restoration job
Motobecane Mobylette 62 Pantin Coke bottle seat posts
I would like some info on the mobylette so I could rebuild it thanks guys.

Tue Aug 11 2009
elfarrow at
Cutting out after a few seconds
Motobecane Sports Specialle
The bike fires and runs albeit briefly then will not restart until a time period has passed, often a couple of hours or overnight? What do you think the problem is please?

Fri Aug 07 2009
aklsp at
Old Motobecane
Motobecane 50 cc I think
I have an old yellow motobecane (1970's I think. Serial # 51612210
Engine # 2933721.
Tag also says 50 V 25 Miles.
Where can I find a manual please. I am In New Hampshire USA. Thanks You ..ALan
New Hampshire - USA

Fri Aug 07 2009
aklsp at
Old Motobecane
Motobecane 50 cc I think
I have an old yellow motobecane (1970's I think. Serial # 51612210
Engine # 2933721.
Tag alsosays 50 V 25 Miles.
Where can I find a manual please.I am In New Hampshire USA. Thanks You ..ALan
New Hampshire - USA

Wed Jul 08 2009
jden.p2 at googlemail dot com
Vintage Motorcycles Found In Barn
Motobecane & Terrot unknown
Please can you help? Have found 2 motorcyles in the barn of my new frence farmhouse. What are they? What are they worth and can I sell them on this site? I also have a Renault 1934 primaquatra and an old Tractor - I need some expert help.
France, Limoges

Sat May 16 2009
kevin.jones447 at ntlworld dot com
Help engine parts required!!!!
motobecane 'moby' 150cc
Hi i'm looking for a cylinder and piston for my 1958 moby scooter, i belive it to be a type 150 cc p engine as that is what it states on the manual i have with it.I would really like to restore this bike as it used to belong to my grandad and looks very unusual.Any help really appreciated.I've attached some photo's of what the bike should look like.
Portsmouth, England

[Photos did not arrive]

Fri May 08 2009
javidostiempos at hotmail dot com
Blackburne engine
For a 350 Motobécane.... 350 OHV
I am looking for a 350 OHV Blackburne engine for a 1928 Motobécane.
Hello and thanks. Here you have two pictures about a 1929 Motobécane type G2 powered by a OHV Blackburne engine, and then, my bike, a 1928 Type G with a SV engine. There is a third model, The G3 type, with two exhaust pipes.
Facefully yours
G1 is powered by a sv Blackburne and G2 by a ohv engine, but with one only exhaust pipe.

Mon Apr 13 2009
egmartinez13 at yahoo dot com
Registration papers
Motobecane 50v
I'm trying to ind out where my moped is from and where it has been. I'm trying to get it registered in chicago IL and i dont have all the paper work for it. Can you help? I have the vin#
Chicago IL

Sun Mar 22 2009
skaterboi360180 at yahoo dot com
need help finding parts
ateliers de la motobecane motobecane
is there any web site or catologs for finding and buying parts for a moped like this

Wed Mar 04 2009
luisfsalda at
Motobecane Cady - Pantin
I just found this Motobecane with Mach No. 97464491 and Type M1PR - 49.9cc. I want to know what year is and where in the web I can find information of this bike and books to see the way to restore it. thanks so much
South America

Fri Nov 28 2008
Handiman542001 at yahoo dot com
motobecane type 40T
Motobecane 40T
I have acquired this bike and is in great condition, but has no engine. Where can I get an engine and cost?
USA. - Calif.

Sat Nov 22 2008
heurlin.thierry at
old pub
motobecane 50
other page again

Sun Nov 16 2008
nicholas-copeland-54 at hotmail dot com
Front Tire
Mobylette Mobymatic Mobymatic
Hi, I bought a 1971 Mobylette Mobymatic Moped. I ran over some nails with the front tire and the front tire went completely flat. I don't know how to take off the front tire though. How do I do it?

Wed Oct 22 2008
fraccamichele at
information ??
i would like to know what is the model??

The bike is a Mobylette circa 1977, probably a 50V. Ed.

Thu Sep 25 2008
filipefifas at hotmail dot com
Filipe Pedro
Motobecane X1?
I need the tires for tis motocycle. 2 1/2- 9. Where i can find them?
> >
Best Regards

Fri Sep 05 2008
jd9400pete at
motobecane runabilty
50v mobyliet ?
dose the the moped drag down the engine at every stop sign to the point of engine stopage requireing a re pedal to go agin ...?

Thu Sep 04 2008
suemichaud at
drive belt
1980 motobecane moby 50v
we are looking for a manual and where we can get a drive belt for the moby. thank you

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Aug 24 2008
warty43 at hotmail dot com
50 Mobylette for sale
50 motobecane
I would like to know the value.
New York City

Mon Aug 18 2008
burkes3gz at zoomtown dot com
clutch tool
1978 motobecane 50v
Does anybody know where I can get a tool to pull the clutch off my 78 motobecane or know the thread size that screws into the clutch drum so I can make my own tool? Thanks

Mon Aug 11 2008
e-fetter at hotmail dot com
Cylinder kit
motobecane av92 (engine av7)
I need a new cylinder kit for my av92. It has an av7 engine in it. Is there any companies still making these parts? Is the MBK av7 the same as the motobecane av7.
Would it be cheaper to rebore the cylinder?


Mon Aug 04 2008
sangia32 at hotmail dot com
I need a part for my bike
mobylette 50 Novi PB 125440
I have a 1977 mobylette 50 moped. I need a coil. serial # 05827445
Novi-PB 125440 as soon as possible
washington dc

Fri Aug 01 2008
stevenmatichuk at hotmail dot com
fuel leak
Mobylette V44 (I think)
Here is a link to a picture of the bike:
It has a mysterious fuel leak that is causing unburned fuel to pool in the exhaust. I have thought that replacing the carb, or at least rebuilding it with new gaskets might be the answer. Can you help me find the parts? I am in Toronto, Canada.
Thanks for any help,
Steve (in Toronto)
Toronto, Canada

Sun Jul 27 2008
ucabears30 at yahoo dot com
parts for a 1980 50v
1980 Motebecane 50v
i need to find an air intake cover and a new air filter and i also need some side covers and a new kill switch. Any suggestions on where i could look to find these parts?

Fri Jul 25 2008
robes001 at hotmail dot com
1968 Cady Moped Carborator needed
1968 Cady Moped TUM - 143 NEPCO
i need a carborator for a : 1968 CADY MOPED
PAT. NO. 3504818
X - 1
SERIAL NO. 1936412
thats all the info i have. any help on finding parts would be greatly appreciated.
Ottawa, On. Canada

Mon Jun 02 2008
gary.kempsey at jerseytelecom dot com
motobecane 51VL
Hi. I have been given a Motobecane 51VL ( in france). Could someone tell me the mix i sould be using as no manual came with it.

Wed Dec 19 2007
provhome at fullnet dot com
Spare Parts for
Motobecane Moped D49 22606 (1971)
I would like to restore this moped if parts were available.

Sat Dec 08 2007
rowlandcrew at gmail dot com
motobecane piston/rings
1948 motobecane poney 50cc
I am looking for a piston/ rings for a 1948 poney 50cc motobecane moped. anyone have a line on parts or recent work restoring the postware models?

Thu Nov 29 2007
n-hilbert at yahoo dot com
1959 Motobecane Model AV88
Need to find tires to fit Rigida Rims 2.25 x 18 (22.5 x 2.25)
St.Louis,MO USA

For information on tyres click here...

Thu Nov 15 2007
aval1993 at yahoo dot com
1980 Motobecane
Hello, my name is Avelino Valencia and I just got a ca 1980 Motobecane Motor driven cycle manufactured in 04-1980 by Delateliers France S.A and would like to get directions for spare parts and manuals, still running and is my restoration project. Any info will be apreciated. Thanks

Sat Oct 27 2007
MBKaptein at
mobylette kaptein
av 44
Salut mes amis, je m'appelle oussama , je suis de maroc , j'ai presque quatre mobylette d'encien model de les annés 1960 et1970,si vous voulez me contacter voici mon email: et si vous voulez aussi visiter le maroc , soyer le bienvenu .you are welcome.

Franglais: Hello my friends, I am called oussama, I am from Morocco, I have almost four Mobylette of encian model of years 1960 et 1970, if you want to contact me here my email: and if you want to also visit Morocco, you are welcome.

Mon Sep 24 2007
gr8one1985 at hotmail dot com
Same one as in the picture (yellow)
I just got it and it has been sitting in someones garage for a while what should i do to it first.
Vaughan, Ontario

Wed Sep 12 2007
hhirealestate at yahoo dot com
Front Mount Motors
I am looking for a front mount Motobecane motor for an old french moped.
Hilton Head Island, SC

Mon Sep 10 2007
stephanedionne3 at
Serial number missing
1973 Motobecane Cady
My name is stephane and I just bought a Cady moped. I do not have the indentifiaction plate and I need a serial number for getting my insurance for the road.
This is the serial number of the engin, 1875398. Thank you for your help.

Fri Sep 07 2007
malardpl at aol dot com
choke linkage removal for 77 motobecane
1977 motobecane 50S
Does anyone out there know how to take the choke linkage brass spring cartridge out of the carburator on my motobecane 50S 1977, if I can do it I am home free fixing my motorbike.

Hi, here is a photo of the carburator on the vintage motobecane I am going to put on when I can find out how to take the existing choke linkage off and put it on my bike that already has the linkage there in my second photo, I want to use the linkage on the bike to save some work, thanks and I will send you a second photo of the existing linkage on my bike, I was thinking of tapping the brass sping coller upward to see if it would pop out but I do not want to damage my carburator since they are hard to find these days and I dont have a repair manual to know the right procedure, thanks and any help would be great,

Sounds as if there may be a little corrosion in there. Try filling it with penetrating oil and leaving it for a day or two. Ed. thanks for your info and I did free it with the oil, one more question, can you look at the way I mounted my carb , I have no manual and am not sure if a intake manifold goes on in between the block and the carb, the bike is a 1977 motobecane 50S , the linkage looks like it will not extend if there were a manifold, here is a pic, thanks

Sat Aug 25 2007
emmaoneill at hotmail dot com
buying a mobylette
L V 50
Can you tell me how to go about buying one a mobylette,I am based in Dublin,Ireland and would really like to purchase one
Dublib, Ireland

Mon Aug 13 2007
brianayrton at
Motobecane Mobylette
Unused for 23 years, shed find, took apart & restored, all original. Passed British MOT test and now buzzing around London.

Sun Aug 12 2007
looking for tyres 2.5 x 9 inch
motobecane cm x1 49.9cc
can anyone help me find a pair of new 9"x 2.5" tyres. i've looked all over for them with no joy..

There is a selection of tyre resources here:
Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

Tue Jul 24 2007
anthofl at aol dot com
Motobecane Mobylette
I have bike similar to the 1979 model shown on page. The color is orange just like that one. There is one ekception the headlamp is round. The motor is is detached and i'm missing the carburetor. Could you assist me in getting one and where i can get it, the price etc.
Fontana,CA USA

Sat Jul 21 2007
dkw115 at
engine information
1950 C45S motobecane
Need information on fueling, starting, operation of this classic motorcycle

Sun Jul 15 2007
dowings at crownpkg dot com
Tires motobecane av43
Looking for Two Tires and tubes 23x2
US Ohio There is a selection of tyre resources here:
Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

Thu Jul 05 2007
Bengt.Wennergren at telia dot com
Tire and innertube
Mobylette A44 -62
I'm looking for Whitewall tires 23" x 200. /Bengt

There is a selection of tyre resources here:
Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

Wed Jun 13 2007
sharper at
Caddy Mopeds
I need an external ignition ciol for a old caddy moped. Do you know the voltage of the system?
Kitchener, Ontario

Try the Mopeds section at Bikelinks:
Also search on moped & cady whilst there.

Mon Jun 11 2007
useatons at
Motobecane Moped 1980+/-
I am looking for brake shoes for a 1980+/- motobecane moped. 74mm out-out, 63mm center-center, 19mm width.

Know how to get them?

Tue May 22 2007
ovensy at
My father who is very ill has given me this Motobecane. He paid 2 cartons of beer for it about 10 years ago and it still runs!! What model is it??
Perth, Australia

Judging by the style it's from the mid 1980s. There is something written in white on the swingarm - can you tell me what it is, or send a larger image? Ed. .....
I managed to find out that it is a 1979 model and she is running like a beauty.

Mon May 28 2007
akrostewitz at
Motobecane 250ccm 3CV 4temps
B3 M-BL Bj.1931
Ich fahre eine wunderschöne 250 ccm Motobecane B3 M-BL, 3Gang, 4Takt, Bj.1931, und suche immer Teile.

Fri Apr 27 2007
hill0643 at
about a moped
56 motobycne mobelette
was wondering about how much the moped i have is worth? its close to mint comdition and runs great. i have all the original papers with it
ohio, united states

Sun Apr 22 2007
calverts at
motobecane m14
I have recently picked up an old moped. The plate states it is a Motobecane cm M14 but I can not find any information on this model . Can you help to point me in the right direction. The engine number is 4483587. Many thanks
Tremolat, France
Thank you for coming back to me and I attach a photo of the bike when I picked it up. I have found out that it is a mototbecane m50 ev enduro bike but would like any information as to interchangability of engine/frame parts.

I can not find it listed on any internet sites except one picture. The strange thing is I have been told that parts are still available in France (where I live) but I have not tested that yet.

Thanks a lot


Thu Apr 19 2007
thomas.neil at

Do you know if there are any Motobecane Owners clubs in France?

Motobecane Club de France

Fri Apr 13 2007
dwdog6 at hotmail dot com
1980 motobecane moped bicycle
1980 motobecane type 51v
looking for a owners manual for this moped
stanwood iowa 52337

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Thu Apr 12 2007
anthofl at aol dot com
Motobecane Mobylette
I what appears to Motobecane Mobylette c 1979. It looks very much like the that is posted except that the headlamp is round,same color. When I got it the engine was detached and it is missing the carburetor and a few parts. Iam trying to rstore it. I need some assistance please.

Thu Apr 05 2007
kroekergrain at
I am looking for a carbuetor for a 1976 Motobecane moped.
United Stated

Sun Apr 01 2007
andrew.miles at
fuel tap
does anyone know where i can get a fuel tap for this machine

Thu Mar 01 2007
nickzoos at hotmail dot com
Motobecane S41
I have a 1978 Motobecane S41. Any others out there? I love this one, a pleasure to ride.

Fri Feb 16 2007
alan911deakin at btinternet dot com
mobylette wheels
mobylette moped 1954
Hi I am tryiny to locate a pair of wheels for my 1954 mobylette moped can you help please?
newark, notts.UK

Thu Jan 11 2007
dadofatrio at aol dot com
78 motobecane 50S clutch repair
looking for a how to manual to repair a jammed clutch on a 78 motobecane 50S moped.

Fri Dec 01 2006
malcolm-ross at
motobecane mobyx moped
can u still buy tyres for the above the tyre size is 10/ /2/ 3/4
the size of the tyres are ten inch by two and three quarter inch

Bikelinks lists several vintage tyre specialists.

Sun Oct 29 2006
tinytown at
Hoping you can give me some information. I purchased what appears to be a 1957 motobecane mobylette in fairly nice condition, but missing a bunch of parts. I am resurrecting it for appearance only but need to find tires and misc. parts. I have no idea what it actually is. The serial # stamped int the frame is 4227028 and it was a light blue when I got it. Can you help at all?

Thu Sep 14 2006
humeur10 at aol dot com
Gaz Valve
mobylette year 1974
I would like to know where I can find parts to repair my gaz valve in the Province of Quebec, Canada.
Also I would like to know at what price Icould sell my 1974 mobylette. It has 1400km and looks brand new
Canada, P.Q. , Montreal

Try the page on motorcycle valuations. Ed.

Wed Aug 30 2006
leefeeney at [bounced]
motobecane tm4
do you have any information on this model of a moped. all i can find is a picture of a blue one with no info.

Thu Aug 24 2006
polmerc at
Dear sir
We are a company based in lagos nigeria and are dealing on motorcycles and spares supply we would like to have the price for your above mentiond model we need 138 units and can take delivery immidiately. Thanks.

For; polmerc ventures ltd,
O Udonna.

Oh, you dinna fool me laddie, noo!

Mon Aug 21 2006
1977 Motobecane Cady
..was trying to revive this moped that i have had in baement for 6 years
See French Motorcycle Forum

Sun Aug 20 2006
joseralva at [bounced]
motobecane 1979 50V mobylette
Need a 3-way fuel valve
Delaware USA

Wed Aug 09 2006
motobecane cady M1
Hi I have a cady M1 and have just purchased a manual with exploded views
See French Motorcycle Forum

Sat Jul 15 2006
peter.beyrent at
1976 Motobecane Mobylette Retail Value
I couldn't even find any prices on your website. I need to find a price on a 1976 Motobecane Mobylette 50
Palo Alto, CA

Try the page on motorcycle valuations. Ed.

Tue Jul 04 2006
simonster at hotmail dot com
seeking motobecane 881 in some sort of running condition. please e-mail me if you have or know of where i might find one. thanks!

Image of 881 Motobecane here

Tue Jun 27 2006
phohendorn at dietersaccessories dot com
Motobecane Cady
Have a Motobcane Cady model moped which we would like to sell perhaps on Ebay. We don't know what year it is... This unit has never been used since new, and always been stored indoors. It is in running condition, and still has the original plastic seat cover on it!
We are wondering how much $$$ this bike may be worth?
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Try the page on motorcycle valuations. Ed.

Thu Jun 15 2006
gards66 at
i have in my garage a cady it is complete but is not running and i,m looking to sell photos are avaliable but i have no idea of cost suitable for restoration or spares

Fri Apr 28 2006
cptned at
Motobecane Mobylette Parts
Motobecane 50 & 50V
I have some original parts for sale. 1975 to 1978 vintage.

Mon Apr 24 2006
rugged at bored dot com
1980 motobecane 50v
My boss just bought a 1980 motobecane 50v for $50 off the side of the road, the machine is in excellent shape...needs a clutch, the disks have come apart. Do any of you folks know where I might find one after market or used.
Maine, USA

Sat Apr 22 2006
u-salbuquerq at
Gas to Oil Ratio
1980 Motobecane Sebring
Hello. I just purchased a 1980 Motobecane Sebring and i was wondering if you happened to know the gas to oil ratio. If you do could you please e-mail me with that info. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

Sat Mar 25 2006
fraccamichele at

I will know what type of model is that motobecane...

Sun Feb 26 2006
heresdaveagain at aol dot com
1975 Motobecane Mobylette
I have a 1975 Motobecane Mobylette moped that I am interested in selling. It has 125 miles on it, and has been garage kept for the past 30 years. It doesn't have a single scratch on it, and after 30 years, it STILL runs great! Its all original, yellow paint, and everything works, i.e. speedo, odometer, light, horn, etc. I have no idea how much this moped is worth, but it has everything......even the little tool kit that comes in the back of the seat. What do you feel would be a fair asking price for this?
Thanks in advance,
David Goodman
Lynchburg, VA

Try the page on motorcycle valuations. Ed.

Sun Feb 26 2006
sjh02 at
motobecane manuals onCD
I just purchased and received a Motobecane manual for a moped on CD from Ebay. The CD I received appears to be a bootleg, scanned or copied from this website and burnt. My question, does Motobecane offer their manuals on CD or is this person authorized to copy this material and profit from it?

Sat Feb 11 2006
jyrkipekkala at
Mobylette av 44
Hello, I´m searching protection shields (pare jambes) for my -62´s moped. Anyone who knows how to get those with fair price, let me know. THANKS!!

Wed Feb 08 2006
mrshb at aol dot com
Piston head for '77 Motobecane Moped
I have an old '77 moped that needs a piston head. Do you know how or where I would go about getting one?

Thanks for clarifying what I am asking for. I bake cookies and cakes and do laundry....this is out of my league!!! I am asking on behalf of my son!!

I am looking for the piston head only (bake at 350 degrees until done!!). The moped is a Meleirs Dela Motobecane (wash on heavy duty cycle).

It has not been working for years now. My husband used to use it quite often, then children came along!!! Not much room for a baby, toddler, etc. Now, many, many, many moons later our 16 year old is trying to do CPR on it and put a little air in its lungs and blood in its veins. The moped may be in need of some warm cookies and milk, and then put to bed for a very long time, but we are hoping that a freshly "baked" cake of TLC will get it motivated.

Now, I'll try to send a picture. Thanks so much for getting back to us. You are great!!

Instructions for solving moped problem
Step 1: Set alarm for 2:30am
Step 2: Sneak out and dig deep hole at bottom of garden.
Step 3: Inter mortal remains. Short prayer.
Step 4: At breakfast, declare "Oh no, Mopy Dick (or whatever the poor thing was called) has vanished!"

By the looks of those photos, it's long past CPR.

However, I still don't really know what parts are required or damage done, so if you (or your son) really want to persevere I suggest you bundle the motor into a box and take it down to the local bike shop for an opinion. It may well be that it just needs, as you suggest, milk and cookies...

Hope that helps. Thanks for the giggle.

Now I lay my moped down to sleep.
I pray the Lord it piston head to keep.
And if it arises from the bottom of the garden,
I'll pray to the Lord and plead a bargain!!!

Thanks for your suggestion! I know just the spot to start digging!!! Although, I won't be surprised to see a bit of dirt on my sons sneakers and a big box being carried down the street!!

Wed Nov 30 2005
fernmarques at yahoo dot com
Cady - Clutch
I need to know how the clutch in the Cady engages to start the engine. Mine is not, and I'd like to know what is in there before I take it apart. Thanks!


Sat Nov 12 2005
mikeywazzoo at
mobylette Motobecane problem
i have recently recieved a mobylette 49cc scooter. i needs some work. the main thing i need to get it to run is the clamp on carb. can anyone help me find a carb?

Fri Nov 11 2005
riptyde66 at yahoo dot com
1979 motobecane
We purchased a 1979 scooter but we do not have a manual, the scooter needs some mechanical work and we wondering where to get a manual.....also parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mon Nov 07 2005
mmcclure113370mi at
Repair Service - '78 Motobecane
I am seeking service on my classic Motobecane. Can anyone direct me? I am willing to take to Windsor, ON or Toronto, ON, Canada. I am in the Detroit, MI, USA area.
Mike McClure

Mon Oct 31 2005
striker0007 at msn dot com
Motobecane Sebring
We just acquired a 1980 Motobecane Sebring and we are trying to get as much info as we can, including a manual if it is possible.

Sun Oct 30 2005
ravenworks at
Mystery Motobecane
I recently was gifted an old Motobecane and yep it's a do-r-uper so dont laugh too hard. Problem is I have no idea what year it is which is vital if I want to rebuild it. HELP!

I think it may be a Mobylette AV98 from about 1955. Ed.

Tue Oct 18 2005
simo65 at
1979 Motobecane Mobylette

I need a motor for a 1979 Motobecane Mobylette. Could someone help me track one down that runs good. Thank you very much!

Thu Oct 06 2005
Karker at
Looking for parts manual for Motobecane 50 mobylette
I have a '76,'77 50 Mobylette Moped that I need a parts manual for. Any help will be appriciated.

Sat Sep 24 2005
billett at
Mobylette Chassis numbers
I have a 1963 49cc Mobylette. The tele front forks, petrol tank on saddle stem , solid frame model. I cannot find where the chassia number is stamped on the frame or any plate telling this number. Can anyone tell me where it is/should be ?

Mon Jul 25 2005
dfeldman4490 at
removing flywheel on motorbecan
own motorbecan late 1970 early 1980s model. is fly wheel threaded clockwise or counterclockwise? how do you remove?
Dave Feldman

Probably left hand thread. Ed.

Wed Jul 20 2005
pjh.bee at
Motobecane Mobylette
Hello, I have bought and restored a 1956 Mobylette which I now want to register in England. The bike has no registration number or documents. The DVLA tell me I have to get some kind of proof of when it was manufactured from an owners club or similar society. I have the frame & engine numbers plus a builders plate attached to the engine. Can you help please? Many Thanks

You might try the French Motobecane club
or if no joy there try the Motobecane section of Bikelinks. Ed.

Wed Jul 20 2005
ands0itwas2000 at yahoo dot com
motobecane what mix gas does it take
i have a 1979 motobecane moby type 50,B miles, model# or serial either or is 51238988
manufactured ny ataliers de la motobecane S.A.

Tue Jul 19 2005
stepoates at hotmail dot com
Looking for help to find my moped again
I owned a Motobecane moped around 1982. I can't remember the model all I remember is that it was Green. I live in Perth, Western Australia and would love to own another one again. Can anyone tell me what model I had and if it is possible to get one???

Mon Jul 18 2005
ktm-teambodge at hotmail dot com
oil mix Motobecane Mobylette
hi my name is ross weston and i have a mobilet 50cc moped 1962-1963 and i was just wondering if you could tell me the oil mixture as it is not revving out, if you have any other ideas of what it could be please could you imform my. thankyou

If you're using a quality, dedicated twostroke oil like TT or Rock then around 40 to 1 should be good. If using plain automotive oil, double that ratio (20:1). Ed.

Wed Jul 06 2005
britpacific at hotmail dot com
Motobecane 1980 50 VLA
I have one for sale. Runs. Needs some parts.
Oregon. Phone me on 541-459-4135.

Tue May 31 2005
simsshawn2003 at hotmail dot com
need some parts
I have a 1976 Motobecane 2 cycle moped. I need a carb for it. the only other "name" I could find was on the speedometer. (Haret) Please help

Wed May 25 2005
ireneb.holland at btopenworld dot com
MotoBcane - Veloselex - 1966
One 49cc - full working order, very nice condition - new tyres - For Sale

Wed May 25 2005
phillips at crocker dot com
1980 Motobecane Moby
I am looking for carburator parts for my 1980 Motobecane Moby and a flywheel cover which broke off. Anxious to get this back in operating condition.

Thu May 19 2005
qgournet at yahoo dot com
Moto Morini/Motobecane Sebring
Hello, I have a 1980 Motobecane Sebring, an american model, with a Franco Morini M02 engine. I am currently studying in france and was wondering if you knew where i could buy parts for Franco Morini in europe. Thank you very much Quentin

Wed May 18 2005
alan-remsen at chugachelectric dot com
1977 Mobylette
I have one of these in great shape. Has been sitting for 10yrs. Looks wonderful, I need a manual and some cables. Anyone help

Wed May 11 2005
ThoRie65 at aol dot com
Motobecane TM 4
Searching for manual, spare parts list and electric wiring plans for Motobecane TM4

Sat Jun 04 2005
ijerry at gmail dot com
Re: Motobecane manual for 40V/50V mopeds
There is a motobecane manual online at:


Thu Apr 28 2005
carliboyce at yahoo dot com
need help with motobecane parts
have 2 1959 model mopeds and i am interested in finding parts for these in the us. any information will be greatly appreciated.

Tue Apr 26 2005
dhmsil at linkline dot com
Motobecane Mobylette - 1976
Just purchased this little yellow classic. No manual, no nothing! Won't start but will turn over nicely. Hasn't been started in over 3 years...HELP!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance....
Dan in California

Wed Apr 20 2005
sailnfly at aol dot com
Manual question
I just was given a 1979 Ateliers Motobec Type 50 V Moped. Would there be any type of operator/service manual available for purchase? Thanks for your reply. Mark Storrs

Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005
subject: motobecane manual
Email: alamidge1 at cfl.rr dot com
message: would like to aquire a manual for a 1979 motobecane 50

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005
subject: motobacane d45 c1948
Email: cornjohnviv at aol dot com
message: any possibility of an english workshop manual, or any wiring or engine specifications. all info welcome.

Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005
subject: motobecane
Email: richard.donahue at quebecorworld dot com
message: I am looking for a new or used carburator for my motobecane that is from 1978-79 mobylette 40 (the sleeve that attatches the carb to the motor is cracked) [inlet manifold] is there someone in the los angeles area that repairs them or had parts?

January 16th 2005
Email: berggert at
message: Hello , Im searching for a copy of a 'Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis' / official operation permittance for a Moby M1 L.
Can anyone help?

December 23, 2004 - Motobecane D45 information, in French (404)

January 7, 2003
Hi I've just bought a Motobecane 125 cc scooter, I'm not really sure what type it is, it seems to be a mix of a Motorcomfort and a Moby if anyone knows anything about spares and manuals I'd be very pleased. -- Richard, Newport, S Wales -- rhcoombs at msn dot com

September 17, 2002
I've read through all the e-mails from people with Motobecane questions, and the question that seems to be always asked but never answered, is where to get parts for the 50V moped????? I need a front sprocket, and would be grateful for a lead. -- Thanks very much. Carrol -- greyhound at

July 27, 2002
Just bought old Motobecane moped... it runs perfect I would love to get my hands on another for my wife. -- Michelle & Terry -- wellsfamily at

July 11, 2002
For sale, 1966 Motobecane Cady, runs great...
See French Motorcycle Forum

June 25, 2002
I just recently picked up a 1976 Motobecane Mobylette. From getting it assessed, and testing, I have been left with no choice but to search for parts. I'm looking for a spark plug, carburetor, and any other various available parts for a 1976 40V Mobylette. Also wondering if there are any Moped specialists in north new jersey area. Contact me at Xtreme-Gamer at inyc dot com
Thanks, -- Frank Hughes -- xtremegamer at inyc dot com

May 28, 2002
I have a Motobecane 49.9 cc. motorbike (Folding) type X1 CM. Its been inthe family for at least 30 yrs. but has been little used & is in running order. I would like to sell. Any offers? Live in the SW of UK. -- Robin Sopp -- robinsopp at hotmail dot com

May 20, 2002
Is anyone interested in a 1924, approx, Motobecane for restoration , it is complete but not running. If so please contact me at simonisles at aol dot com

March 12, 2002
May I please get some info on a 1979 Motobecane SA 50V Mobylett . parts preferably. thank you. --MrsPrune at aol dot com

March 1, 2002
Subject: Ateliers De La Motobecan S.A. 1979 Motobecane
I was wondering where I could get a repair manual? I am struggling for engin parts (point rotor) woold be gratful for info. I live in Norman,Oklahoma. -- e-mail DCH6712 at HOTMAIL dot com   -- Thanks, Dan

January 10, 2002
Hi....I recently purchased a D-52 at an auction and would like to restore/sell it. Any ideas on how to get information on it? I live in Columbus, OH. -- Thanks -- Stephen -- sbuilaiii at

December 31, 2001
I was wondering where I could get a repair manual for a 1969 Motobecane Cady....
See French Motorcycle Forum

January 2, 2001
Hello my name is Kye . I have recently purchased a 1970's Motobecane Mobylette and am in the process of overhauling it. I am however struggling for various parts such as lights, engine parts, indicators, and switches. I would be grateful for any information.
thanks Kye. E-MAIL= bigfoot078 at aol dot com

May 27, 2001
I am a salesman of two motorcycles of 1948: a MOTOBECANE D45 125cc and a PEUGEOT P55 125cc. These two motorcycles are sold to the 2 900-franc price piéce. You will find in attached files the photos of the TERROT and PEUGEOT to sell. -- fred.laplace at

May 19, 2001
I have one 196... but I need parts , I live in Portugal. tell me where I can buy parts for this -- octavio goncalves -- rop37004 at

March 3, 2001
Hola soy manuel , estoy interesado en saber los modelos de motobecane de 250 cc que se hicieron entre el año 1927 1930, ya que he comprado una y ando un poco perdido para su restauracion desearia que me mandara informacion . -- Manuel Garcia-Cifo Fernandez -- mgcifo at

From Sheldon: My best translation
Hello, my name is Manuel and I am interested in knowing more about the models of Motobecane of 250cc that were produced between the years 1927-1930 since I have bought one. I need information that will help in its restoration. -- Manuel Garcia-Cifo Fernandez -- mgcifo at

January 29, 2001
Ramiro Hernandez I have a Motobecane france (1979) and I would Like to repair it but I need a cataloge. Please if someone can advice me were to look or call. thank's -- MAQUEDAFOODSDIS at aol dot com

January 15, 2001
We have a Motobecane 1973 and hope to get some information on this bike. Would like to know how to find owners manual information and also repair and diagrams of this bike. If anyone has this information please e-mail us at mistmer at aol dot com

December 11, 2000
If you are interested into rebuilding an old 1933 500cc Motobecane have a look at my personal page (404) and enjoy. -- Friendly  -- Bruno -- bruno.guillotin at

December 5, 2000
Dear sirs, I have recently bought a 1973 Motobecane Mobylette.50cc,and would like to find out the original make of manufacturer? As I'm hoping that it is tax exempt. Who and where do I have to contact in order to find out this information. With regards Jan --email address...janet.frazer at

October 26, 2000
I am looking for help, I have Motobecane type B2U, believed 1933 Frame 179946 Engine 179865.
I would like to Know if parts are available, pictures, an expert, parts book, were the nuts and bolts chrome, nickle or black, were wheel rims black ,chrome, or nickle, also spokes Colour scheme , and lots more. IS ANYONE able to help???
Many thanks Brian McDonough OLd Police Station Shrivenham Swindon, SN6 8AS England 0044 1793 783 276 Tel/Fax -- brian at

July 26, 2000
I have a 125tl twin.
Parts ? I have some leads but no hits.
my page is below.
/dlh. -- David Hallam -- hallam at

June 20, 2000
I have a motobecane dual matic de-lux ...
See French Motorcycle Forum

June 20, 2000
Hi, I just bought a 1975 Motobecane Moped...
See French Motorcycle Forum

May 25, 2000
This is a Moped! HaHa Made by Ateliers De La Motobecane...
See French Motorcycle Forum

March 28, 2000
Ich suche einen Kontakt zum Hersteller!
MOTOBECANE Frankreich...
See French Motorcycle Forum


Motobecane Moped

Concerning the brands MOTOBECANE and MOTOCONFORT which are strictly the same (only different sales channel), we have a nice website at : [404]
Jean Farge -- Jean-Farge at

Motobecane Logo
Motobecane Club of France

From: Sidney F. Pollard III
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 1999 7:21 PM
To: NARMA Mailing List
Subject: 1950 French motorbike

Anyone ever hear of a "Motoonfort? There is one at a local Antique Mall here in Norfolk, and they are asking $2900 for it. Me thinks this is a bit high, I would only give $500 for it myself. This is one neat bike, it looks very 30'ish. Bike has : 125cc two stroke with a exposed chrome spinning flywheel-magneto, a fishtail exhaust muffler, two speed tranny w/hand shift, both foot and hand clutch, the frame is a rear plunger type, front fork is a twin cantilever springer with adjustable binders as shocks, has a solo saddle with pillon clamped onto the luggage rack.

I think it may be a early Motobecane they made motorbikes before bicycles and the trade mark looks the same (a big "M with wings on it) the Motoconfort has a finned cylinder in the valley of the M, other than that same same. The dealer claims to have bought it in France and shipped it here. He also says it is a 1947 but I showed him the date 1950 on the motor ID plate. The bike is 99.99% complete but covered with a light rust. I plan to keep a eye on this and see if it sells, the owner may get tired of it sitting around (and it will at $2900). If he just wants to move it, I may be able to help him.


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