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Motobecane Models 1940s-1960s

Motobecane Four-strokes 1946-1964

Type D45 (1946-1961)

D45A (1946) 125 cc Sidevalve

Clutch in oil bath with steel and bronze plates - 3-speed manual gearbox with kick starter - ignition automatic advance and magneto flywheel lighting - adjustable forks, 8 litre petrol tank - drum brakes front and rear - 25 x 3 tyres - brown and beige colour scheme.

D45S (1949)

122.5cc, 51x60mm. Plunger-style rear suspension.

D45S (1951)

18 x 3 tyres, valanced mudguards, 10 litre tank, rims enamelled.

Type Z 175cc OHV (1949-1964)

Z2C (1949-1955) MOBYSPORT

Unit construction 4-stroke engine - 4-speed gearbox with foot change - cast iron cylinder - alloy cylinder head - oil bath disc clutch - magneto flywheel with rectifier and battery - telescopic forks - plunger rear suspension - 10 litre tank - chromed rims and tank - odometer.

Z22C (1953-1955) MOBYSUPER

As for Z2C, but with increased power output, valanced mudguards - 25x3 front and rear tyres.

Z24C (1955-1956) MOBYSERIE

174.8cc, 56x71mm. As per Z2C, same guards and colour scheme, improved lubrication.

Z26C (1955-1964) MOBYSPORT

174.8cc, 56x71mm. New frame with swingarm and hydraulic shock absorbers - deeply valanced guards with toolbox blending with rear guard - improved solo saddle - 12-litre tank - magneto flywheel, rectifier and battery - chromed tank panels and rims.

Z23C (1955-1964) MOBYSUPER

174.8cc, 56x71mm. As for Z26C, with full-width brakedrums - similar guards and toolbox - larger 13-litre tank - fully enclosed chainguard.

Z27C (1956-1964) MOBYSERIE

174.8cc, 56x71mm. Very similar to the Z26C but with 10 litre enamelled tank.

ZS175 (1958-1964)

Same frame as the Z26C. Engine output increased to 11hp - alloy rocker arms - dual throat carburettor - clip-on style handlebars - dual saddle - improved front forks - 17 litre petrol tank with 3 litre reserve - alloy wheel rims - tyres 18x2.5 front, 18x3 rear - 130mm brake hubs - transparent bikini-style fairing screen, red and black enamel colour scheme.

Type L 350cc

L4C (1954-1959) 350cc Twin (Motoconfort N4C)

4-stroke in-line unit-construction engine with 4-speed gearbox - 348.7cc, bore and stroke 56x70.8mm - light alloy cylinder and cylinder head - 6-plate oil-bath clutch using Ferodo plates, Magneto flywheel ignition and battery- telescopic forks, plunger rear suspension - 16 litre tank - 170x30 mm full-width brake drums - 325x18 tyres F & R - chrome rims and petrol tank.

This model suffered from overheating of the rear cylinder.

Credits: Tolbec Online (, Moto Collection (F.M. Dumas)

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