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Motoconfort T7 750cc Four

Introduced at the Paris Salon of 1930 was the magnificent OHC four cylinder T7. Concurrently Motobecane revealed their version, the 750 B7.
1931 Models:

Type T 3 250cc
Type T 4 350cc
Type T 4 Special 350cc
Type T 5 500cc
Type L 2 Tourisme 500cc Blackburne
Type MC6 250cc
Type T 2 175cc
Type T1 B.M.A 100cc

1952 Models: Velomoteurs 125 cm3 C45S, U46 C
Motocyclettes 175 cm3 U2C, N4 C
Scooter STC
Mobylettes AU32, AU33, AU31

Motoconfort U Series 175cc

U2C Forcysport, 1948-1954
U22C Forcysuper, 1953-1954
U23C Forcysuper 56, 1955-1964
U24C Forcysérie, 1955-1956
U26C Forcysport 56, 1955-1964
U27C Forcysérie 57, 1956-1964
US Spéciale, 1958-1964

Motoconfort Z Series 175cc

Z2C Mobysport, 1948-1954
Z22C Mobysuper, 1953-1954
Z23C Mobysuper 56, 1955-1964
Z24C Mobysérie, 1955-1956
Z26C Mobysport 56, 1955-1964
Z27C Mobysérie 57, 1956-1964
ZS Spéciale, 1958-1964

See also Motobecane

Some models had Blackburne engines.

Sources: JLB Creations, correspondence

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