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1968 Paton GP 500

Paton 500GP Racer, 1968

Estimate: (£) 40,000 - 45,000

Body Colour: Green

For most motorcycle enthusiasts the creation of a "special" or the restoration of a cherished classic machine marks the extent of both their ambitions and abilities. However, for a small group of incredibly talented and single minded enthusiasts this is not enough. One such individual was former racer and Mondial chief mechanic Giuseppe Pattoni who succeeded in competing successfully at the highest levels of motorcycle road racing with machines deigned and built by himself against some of the most successful marques in road racing history.

The origin of the Paton lay in Mondial's withdrawal from racing in 1957 which prompted Pattoni and Lino Tonti to design and build a 125cc racer, which in the hands of Mike Hailwood secured 7th place in the 1958 TT. Following this success and despite the sale of a few machines, Tonti left the partnership to pursue his career elsewhere and Pattoni joined a Lancia dealership. Charged with running the owner's saloon car racing team he had access to a well equipped workshop which enabled the creation of the first pure Paton, a 247cc twin, which in the hands of Alberto Pagani took a 3rd place finish at the 1964 TT. Thanks to this result and its attendant publicity Pattoni was able to secure the support of British businessman Bill Hannah who sponsored a team to run the newly developed 350cc and 500cc Paton twins, a relationship that would see a Paton finish fourth in the 1969 World Championship and secure victory in the 1967 Italian 500cc championship. The new engines featured double overhead camshafts and in developed form, with a capacity of 483.68cc pumped out 65bhp at 10,500 rpm rising to 70bhp when equipped with four valve heads. The overhead camshafts were driven by a centrally mounted gear train and final drive was via a six speed gearbox.
Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

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