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Rudge Rapid 250cc 1939

The first Rudge-engined two-valve 250cc was launched in 1935 as the 'Sports' and production of the four-valve version ended the next year at which point the 245cc, two-valve model became the 'Rapid' with a four-speed gearbox and foot-operated gear lever replacing the tank-mounted hand-change unit. A 'Sports' model with the same 245cc, exposed overhead-valve engine but with a larger front wheel and a high-level exhaust pipe was re-introduced in 1938.

This 1939 example was purchased from Norm and Lynda Maddock of Warkworth, New Zealand, who are staunch supporters of the NZ Vintage and Classic motorcycle scene and the NZ Classic Motorcycle Racing Register. Norm used to run the Road Trial at Pukekohe and Lynda is well known for her efforts on the race track with their Rudge and AJS race bikes. The Maddocks acquired it from a private vendor in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and restored it in the 1980s. It was purchased from them for the Nelson-based NZ Classic Motorcycles collection in November, 2008. It was acquired by Transport World for their Classic Motorcycle Mecca collection in May 2016.

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