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Scott 1939 Cyc-Auto

One of the earliest and longest lived autocycles, the Cyc-Auto had first appeared during 1934 and would remain in production, with revisions until 1958. Early variants featured a front mounted magneto, with later Villiers powered examples adopting a flywheel magneto. Following the companies sale to the Scott a clutch was added behind the engine, although the drive was still taken by a shaft and worm drive to the bottom bracket on the frame. Scott rationalised the range, offering either a ladies or a gents model, in standard, or as presented here, deluxe form. The deluxe variants were equipped with a sprung front fork and drum front brake in place of the calliper type fitted to the standard machine.
This example is offered in very good condition with a Swansea V5C.

Courtesy H&H Classic Auctions
Scott Cyc-Auto

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