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Vincent 1953 HRD Rapide


Courtesy Collection de Maurice Chapleur

Collection de Maurice Chapleur

Collection de Maurice Chapleur

Of the 230 machines in the collection some sixty motorcycles date from before 1914. It is the most important collection known in the world of these two- and three-wheeled pioneers. The Chapleur collection also contains many items related to the practice and maintenance of such vehicles. More information...

Vincent HRD 1953 Rapide

Sur cette photo de FMD ci dessus, vous pouvez reconnaître la moto, mais aussi la cour du musée è Lunéville.
In the photo by FMD, above, you can recognize the museum courtyard to Lunéville.
(FMD = Francois Marie Dumas Historien de la moto Journaliste Blog)


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