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AJW Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Built in Exeter by Arthur John Wheaton (better known as Jack Wheaton) from 1926 to about 1936, when the business was sold.

During the inter-war period they produced some excellent machines in relatively small quantities using engines from MAG, British Anzani, Rudge Python and JAP, and frames from Brough Superior. There was a 1933 model with a Rudge Ulster engine, the Flying Fox, which employed Druid forks and a four-speed gearbox. They also included two Villiers-powered models in the immediate pre-war range which were also sold in the Netherlands under the New Rapid label.

Rudge Python models included Flying Fox, Red Fox, Vixen, Vixenette and Flying Vixen.

After WWII, the manufacturer was J.O. (Jack) BALL who based the factory in Bournemouth and then Dorset where they built machines such as the 500cc JAP-engined Flying Fox of 1948.

They continued to build the 48cc Fox Cub until 1964, after which rebadged Italian machines of 50cc to 500cc were marketed, including a stunning Minarelli-powered Peripoli moped which they sold as an AJW Greyhound of 1976, and another 50cc machine from Simonini, the off-road Wolfhound.

The company ceased trading in 1981.

In Australia, the Commonwealth Distributers were T.E. Maloney Motors of Moorabool Street, Geelong.

Snippets from the forums, courtesy 33d6 ...

    About the only technical information you will find on the Grey Fox was published by Pitmans in their later editions of "The Book of the JAP Engine". Chapter VI in third edition is headed "Care of the AJW Grey Fox". The Dowty forks used by AJW were also fitted to Velocette, Panther and Scotts of the period, so refer to their repair manuals. I know the Panther Club provide some Dowty spares.

    The Albion 4 speed gearbox was used mainly by Royal Enfield so again, refer to their repair manuals for advice. The particular JAP engine used was a 500cc sidevalve twin. It was somewhat sluggish.

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Sources: Just Bikes (AU), Classic British Motorcycles of Over 500cc by Bob Currie, Rudge Whitworth: The Complete Story by Bryan Reynolds, exetermemories.co.uk

goerslev-auto at mail.tele.dk
1946 - 1949
Hi, I'm the owner of an AJW Gray Fox. He allows you to help with a Distributor Cap and other parts. List of Spare Parts. Toolbox. Photos.
Best regards,
Ole Jensen
  • It appears Ole would like to obtain some spare parts, a parts book, and photographs of original machines. Ed.

Wed, 02 Aug 2017
ivor_ward at hotmail.com
AJW Kestrel KRM 50 unknown

I have today after a number of years found out that the motorcycle i have is from AJW motorcycles and is Known as a Kestrel KRM 50 the frame number is 01004A I would love to know its year and if i can apply for a log book
Ivor Ward
Wolverhampton United Kingdom

  • It seems as though the Kestrel machines were related to the 50cc AJW Fox Cub to a degree. More information under Kestrel.

Tue Aug 23 2016
adrian_stone at hotmail.com
AJW motorcycle serial numbers
AJW Red Fox - possible or other
Hello, I am looking to purchase a 1937 AJW motorcycle and I am trying to find some more information on it. It does have an JAP 600 cc side valve UCZ/D which according to the chart is either a 1934 or a 1954 production engine. I could not find any info on the frame serial numbers #33607
Seattle, USA

Mon May 25 2009
andyhosie at dodo.com.au
AJW Grey Fox price guide
AJW 1949 Grey Fox
Hi, I have located and about to purchase an original and complete 1949 AJW Grey Fox. Do you or anyone else have any information about this rare bike and what it is worth (dollar value) any info would be appreciated

Fri Dec 05 2008
heurlin.thierry at neuf.fr
ajw all models
it's a english brand

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