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Levis Motorcycles 1912-1913

LEVIS, Stand No. 39.

  • 2½ h.p. Model: 70 x 70 mm.; stroke; Amac carburetter; single-speed gear.

Maulers. Ltd., Station Street, Birmingham.

This particular model remains practically unaltered, for 1913.

  • 2 h.p. Model: 62 x 70 mm.; two-stroke; Amac carburetter; chain and belt; single-speed gear.

This machine is similar in most respects to the above, except that it is provided with a combined belt and chain transmission, the rearward portion of the chain being protected by a case. The top tube is now dropped at the rear, and an automatic lubricator is fitted.

  • 2¾ h.p. Model (twin): 58 x 66 mm.; two-stroke; Amac carburetter; chain and belt; single-speed gear.

This model is an entirely new one. The cylinders are placed side by side, and the magneto is carried on the rear of the engine. A drip-feed lubricator is fitted. The same system of lubrication is employed on this model as in all Levis machines. The oil is conducted down the sides of the cylinders to the main bearings, thence through a hollow crankshaft to the big end. afterwards lubricating the cylinders by splash. Oil also flows into the main bearings and to the bearings of the magneto drive.

One and a half gallons of petrol are carried. With a two-stroke two-cylinder engine almost as even running is obtained as with a four-cylinder of the ordinary type. The twin Levis runs with, extreme smoothness. The exhaust release situated at the top of the cylinder is now covered in so that no name can issue therefrom, as this was thought to be a source of danger should there be any petrol about owing to the tank being overfilled.

1912 Olympia Show
The Motor Cycle November 28th, 1912.

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