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The illustration shows a new two-stroke model which has a most sporting appearance, and should prove exceptionally popular. It is the Levis sports model "O,"* of which a consignment is expected to reach Port Adelaide on Saturday, to the order of the distributers for Australia, Messrs. E. T. Fisher and Co., Grote Street.

The engine is a 247 c.c. Levis super power unit, specially tuned for speed. The frame is of the model "k" type, which has proved itself in the worst Australian back country conditions, and is specially strong, with an exceptionally low saddle position. Stands front and rear are provided, the rear one being spring-up. The toolbag is mounted on the seat tube, and as no carrier is fitted, the machine is a true Sports model. Two extra strong and specially powerful brakes are provided to ensure safety at high speeds and Levis Druid racing type front forks with round tubes and shock absorbers, are incorporated, and a grease gun system of lubrication is fitted. The handlebars are very sporting and full adjustable with long rubber grips. There is a large diameter exhaust pipe fitted to a special Levis silence, with an extra ??? pipe to the back wheel, the whole being plated. The whole machine bears the hall-mark of Levis quality, and is most reasonably priced. Details are available from the agents.

Sport (Adelaide, SA), Friday 8 October 1926


A pioneer in the lightweight two-stroke world, the Levis firm has found that little alteration to existing and well tried models has been necessary for 1926. The 211 cc. model will be continued for sale in Australia and there is a new 247 c.c. engine machine at an attractive price. Variable ignition control and larger internal expanding brakes form two of the modifications on the popular model. The rear brake is now of 6 in. diameter, and the front brake 5 in. A Best & Lloyd baby pump draws oil through a sight feed mounted on the bottom of the oil tank, so that only one long pipe is necessary.

An interesting feature of the oil and petrol supply systems lies in the fact that all pipes are enamelled instead of being plated. The reason is that the pipes remain soft, and'are therefore less liable to fracture. A light touring side car is attached to !one model. A new cylinder with the root of the exhaust pipe cast integrally is the chief feature of the machine. Following standard Levis lines, it is a light but sturdily constructed little machine, and the Adelaide representatives (Messrs. E. T. Fisher & Co.) say that its low riding position and modest price are bound to appeal to a large number of prospective motor cyclists.

The Register, Adelaide Australia, November 3rd 1925

Source: Trove NLA

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