Levis Motorcycles

Levis 1920-1921 Models

Olympia Show 1920

Levis. (Stand 121.)

  • 2½ h.p.; 62x70 mm. (211 c.c.); single-cylinder two-stroke; drip feed lubrication; Amac (or other) carburetter; chain-driven magneto; single-speed gear; belt drive; Hutchinson 24x2¼ in. tyres. Price £60.

Butterfields, Ltd., Stechford, Birmingham.

Two-strokes as a rule are suspected of being uneconomical that is to say, their consumption is considered to be high in proportion to their power. Therefore, great interest is being shown in the result of the recent Levis consumption test, when the machine averaged over 20 m.p.h. over a fifty-mile course, with a petrol consumption at the rate of 320 m.p.g. (officially observed by the A.C.U.). In fact, the makers guarantee a mileage of 120 to the gallon, and state that the average machine, as it leaves their works, will, with reasonably careful handling, achieve 150 m.p.g. When one realises that, combined with this low consumption, there is the advantage of flexibility (in that the single-gear Levis will two-stroke from 6 up to 35 m.p.h. or more), one begins to appreciate the firm's faithfulness to the single-geared machine.

The larger sporting model, of 247 c.c., is also being shown. This is the size of engine which won its class in the 1920 T.T., and is now being marketed at £68. The engine and machine are almost exactly similar to the smaller type, except for the larger bore and stroke and a different silencer. An interesting point is the tank fixing, which is arranged (on rubber buffers) so that the tank and under tube may be removed together by undoing two bolts, thus giving exceedingly easy access to the cylinder. The engine is still lubricated by drip feed, with special pipes to the cylinder and one main bearing, which are a Levis feature. The cylinder feed lubricates the gudgeon pin and the other main bearing, while the direct main bearing feed also oils the big end.

The 1920 Olympia Show. The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920. Page 704