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Levis 1919 Scooter

Levis 1919 Scooter

A Levis experiment built for the purpose of recording "scooter sensations." A 172 cc engine is fitted.


AMONG the several motor cycle firms who have experimented with scooters, Messrs. Butterfields, Ltd., of Levis fame, are by no means least important. Their machine, which we illustrate, was constructed primarily to give the firm first-hand experience of the "sensations" of motor scooting in order that they might be compared with those of light motor cycles.

The public interest in scooters raised the curiosity of the makers of the Levis, and with an open mind as to the possibilities of this type of miniature machine, they decided to make a Levis scooter.

Fortunately, Messrs. Butterfields already had the nucleus of a suitable engine in the little flat twin two-stroke which they produced largely for war purposes. One of the cylinders, which has a capacity of 172 cc, was adapted, and a neat little power unit was produced, which was fitted in the rear of a special open frame. The engine is supported at the rear by two stays which are part of the frame construction, by engine plates at the lower part of the crank case, and at the cylinder head by a lug at the seat tube. The wheels are fitted with 20 x 3 aeroplane tyres to absorb the road vibration.

Sufficient detail is shown in the illustration to render a more complete description unnecessary. We were able to inspect the little machine - which is, to all intents and purposes, a miniature open frame motor cycle - through the kindness of Mr. Albert Milner, the ex-Levis exponent, who now owns the "George in the Tree" Hotel, at Berkswell, incidentally a very popular Midland motor cyclists' rendezvous. We understand that Messrs. Butterfields have no intention of pursuing the experiments further, for the present at any rate.

The Motor Cycle, October 9th, 1919

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