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Levis 1935 Models


"Those who follow in others footsteps can never lead."

AS 25 years ago LEVIS pioneered the air-cooled lightweight Two-stroke, so to-day LEVIS leads the fashion in high-grade, high efficiency motor cycles; a sportsman’s mount for the connoisseur. The oft-repeated claim that the LEVIS is made as a tool-room job is not without foundation, and remains an undeniable statement of fact. We claim without fear of contradiction that no other make of motor cycle embodies the superlative workmanship and the selection of quality in material as is found in every LEVIS machine. Not only are our machines so made, but their making is carried out exclusively by trained and skilled engineer craftsmen. Every man engaged has, as his sole object, the turning out of the best possible job and takes the greatest pride in his work. Small wonder, therefore, that the LEVIS O.H.V., models have become so popular in recent years.

THERE are few Motor Cycles made to your own ideal specification or in such a way that you feel you cannot improve upon a machine after delivery from the Works. Such a machine, however, is the LEVIS, which leaves nothing to be desired. Making tut your own specification from the alternatives and options we offer under " EQUIPMENT " on the last page of this booklet will ensure your having the most suitable machine quite ready to take you safely, silently, and speedily anywhere.

Outstanding Features.


A new design of front fork is an important alteration in this model for 1935, which is introduced to further improve steering and provide a fork capable of heavy sidecar work. Reducing the top weight by mounting the hand damper at the middle member and lowering the head lamp, has made a marked improvement in steering, while a very much improved shock absorber anchorage is incorporated.


Cast aluminium OIL-BATH primary chaincase and four-speed gearbox as on the model " D." The separate unit system of lighting is replaced by Dyno-Mag generator whereby the dynamo can be easily disconnected for trials work. A larger head lamp mounted lower than hitherto reduces top weight and further improves the already remarkably good steering qualities of this model.


This nippy 22/6 tax " 250 " model with the heart of a " 500," is now fitted with four-speed gearbox as standard and the primary chaincase is of the totally enclosed type.

ALL O.H.V. MODELS are available with single-port or two-port engines, high-level exhaust pipes as illustrated, and 14 m.m. sparking plugs.

MODEL " CB " 247 c.c. CAMSHAFT.

It has not been found necessary or desirable to make any modification either in design or specification of this model, which is offered as a speedy, sweet-running Sports " 250 " model with amazing acceleration and high performance for the discriminating rider. "TWO-STROKE" MODEL.

Our aim has been to provide in this model a sound but unpretentious, robust, no trouble, utility machine with simplicity and accessibility as the key-note. We claim that no other make will give the same long life and unfailing service.

Every suggestion for improvement received during the past year has had careful thought and consideration, with the result that each of our models has been still further improved in certain details.