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Silver Motorcycles

Silver motorcycles were produced by Thomas Silver from 1907 to 1909.

Tom Silver had previously had a management role with the Quadrant Cycle Co and rode one of their machines in the John o' Groats to Lands End of 1903, as mentioned here: Quadrant 1903-1904.

He left that firm in 1907 to build identical machines that he advertised as 'An old friend under a new name'. Production of Silver motorcycles continued until 1909.

Thomas Silver


THE first illustration of the new Thomas Silver motor bicycle is given herewith. This model has been designed with a view of obtaining great flexibility. The engine has large flywheels and valves, and the frame is built low and fitted with spring forks of improved pattern. Two powerful brakes are provided, while entirely separate tanks are fitted for petrol and oil. The magneto machine is chain-driven, being bolted to a platform behind the cylinder.

A feature of the design is that the engine, magneto machine, and carburetter, can be separately removed from the frame without disturbing any other parts. This machine is the result of years of practical experience, and no pains have been spared to meet the wants of motor cycle riders.

The Motor Cycle May 15th 1907

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